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Happy Tails Books exists to encourage adoption and raise money for pet rescue organizations. Since 2009, we’ve donated more than $40,000 to our pet rescue partners.

Our goal is our Pet Rescue Partners’ success in saving the most lives possible. If we can help with that, we’re happy! We compile and edit the books we publish in-house, and we hand-craft all our vinyl and rhinestone designs, which allows us to keep our costs relatively low and our donations relatively high. We love our rescued dogs, we enjoy making items that support pet rescue, and we thrive on sending out donations from this website’s sales. Your patronage helps us save more lives. Thank you!

MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue was excited for the opportunity to partner with Happy Tails Books for a Rhinestone-o-Rama fundraiser. It was easy to promote the fundraiser through our newsletter and Facebook page. Our members love the hand-crafted rhinestone design HTB made specifically for our rescue, and we earned more than $350 in one month without having to spend a dime. - Jennifer Misfeldt, President, MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

What are you interested in?

Books about adopted pets

Books about adopted pets

Bling shirts that promote adoption and pets as family members

Bling shirts that promote adoption and pets as family members

Self-publishing help for authors of any genre

Self-publishing help for authors of any genre

March Fundraiser:

Bling shirt color choicesThis Boston terrier shirt is our special fundraiser for the month of March!

Profits support MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue, an organization dedicated to improve the lives of Boston terriers in need. Please purchase a shirt and help us donate as much as possible back to this wonderful organization, which has saved the lives of more than 2,000 Boston terriers. MABTR will receive $5 per shirt, with an additional bonus of $100 if we sell more than 40 shirts during this pre-sale. Shirts will ship in the beginning of APRIL. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDER $40+.


This 100% cotton pre-shrunk shirt is as soft as your favorite T-shirt, the one that is so comfortable you could sleep in it. But you might want to wear this shirt out on the town instead in bed, since it’s covered in high-quality, long lasting rhinestones that will make you sparkle and shine!


Looking for a book on your favorite breed? They’re all available at Amazon.com.

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Get Expert Help Self-Publishing Your Book

Since 2009, the caring, experienced Happy Tails Books staff has helped many authors realize their self-publishing dreams. While we specialize in books about pets, we have also assisted authors with books on various topics, ranging from sustainability to family history. Why choose Happy Tails Books? Experience, quality, and affordability! 

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Testimonial from Dr. Jane M. Biehl, author of the children’s book Here to Bump and Bump to Hear

Here to Bump and Bump to Hear

“One must be careful about stereotypes.  After several years of talking to writers and participating in a writing group, I was terrified about working with a real-life editor.

Until I worked with Happy Tails Books.

Kyla Duffy and her support staff are knowledgeable, caring, experienced, and a joy to work with. They transformed a novice like me into a “real” writer with an excellent book that has received positive reviews. I do not feel the book was self-published but jointly published.

The people behind Happy Tails Books have a wealth of experience and an unbelievable work ethic with tons of energy. I never waited more than a day to receive a response to a question and usually received one immediately. I found all of their suggestions helpful and would recommend them to anyone who wants to publish a book!”  


We’ve expanded our “Adopted. Who’s Next?” series to feature mugs, pillows, clothing, dog shirts, and more!

Dog Rescue T-shirts, dog cups, dog clothes, dog t-shirts

Check out this new CafePress Store to find great items with images of your favorite breeds. Don’t see what you want? Write us, and we’ll make it happen for you. Through this store, you can even make custom “Adopted. Who’s next?” items!


FREE eBooks to Read and Share

DOWNLOAD AND SHARE OUR FREE eBOOK ABOUT THE DOG BREEDING INDUSTRY: Highlights include a comparison between reputable breeders, backyard breeders, and puppy mills, adoption information, and tips for socializing distressed and ex-puppy mill dogs. The Mill Dog Manifesto is very personal and easy to read.

Learn About Puppy Mills:


Audio Books

Many of your favorite titles are now available as audio books. They can be easily downloaded from Audible, Amazon, or iTunes. Click here to see the entire list of Lost Souls: FOUND! books that are available from Audible, or simply look up your favorite title in iTunes.

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