Sweet Sixteen

Yay! We’ve got ourselves a new foster – our sweet sixteenth! His name is Toby, though I don’t think he knows it. How can you live with a family for 5 months and know the “sit” command, but not respond to your name? Did these people not talk to him?

Toby was found roaming the streets of Colorado with a microchip that indicated he was from Arizona. But… that’s all the info the microchip gave – the family never registered it! Sad – they lost a great dog.

Anyway, the family who found him kept him for five months but then decided they didn’t have time for him. I find this so sad – he’s a very friendly, licky dog who gets along great with everyone. He’s two years old and a lot of fun. On top of that, he plays crazy but know how to settle down.

Toby’s not perfect, though. With this guy I’m battling a skin yeast infection, ear infection, and some very strange howling. The shelter didn’t send any meds with him so we’ll be seeing the vet tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted!