A Boston Terrier TAIL!

You’ve got to see it to believe it. My new foster, Craig, has a tail that’s about six inches long! He’s also got a white face with some black “eye shadow” over one eye and floppy, spotted ears. At first I questioned whether he was truly a Boston, but he is – his “off” markings and features are just a sign of bad breeding.

But that doesn’t make him bad. In fact, everyone who sees him finds his uniqueness endearing. He’s a healthy, one-year-old boy who is loving, cuddly, and fine with other dogs(after the initial growly, whiny meeting). The only bad thing about Craig is that he’s humptastic! The first day he came to stay with us he humped Bill for 3.5 hours until I discovered the magic of the spray bottle (now I just have to touch the bottle and he stops immediately).

Craig’s story is a sad one, having been born in Mexico (I think) to a backyard breeder. His mom died shortly thereafter because of a lack of medical care, and his littermates perished as well (a testament to Craig’s strength). His dad is with another MABTR foster now, but for the last year, he and his dad have lived in a yard in Denver. Uh…Denver weather is all over the place and Bostons are most certainly not equipped to deal with it (not that any dog should ever be left in the yard because they shouldn’t). So it’s no surprise that one of Craig’s favorite pastimes is sniffing all around my house – he may never have been in one before. Nevertheless, he’s shockingly well-mannered and well-socialized with humans. I’m letting him sleep in bed with us, and I think he believes he died and went to heaven!

After his neuter yesterday, he quickly bounced back to his old self, and we’re ready to start training him on commands. He’s not food motivated, but I did find one thing he loves – CHEESE! Shaved Parmesan cheese, of all things! Easy enough, but I wish I could find a type of dog food he likes. He’s a very light eater. I was making potato salad last night and he was very excited about eating the warm potatoes. Believe it or not, he preferred them to the chicken I was also feeding him!

Craig’s a great foster and I’m sure he’ll find his new home soon. He’s definitely one I’m going to miss!

2 thoughts on “A Boston Terrier TAIL!

  • November 28, 2009 at 10:36 am


    This is a sweet "tail" about your new foster, Craig. I like his eyeshadow, ha… reading about where they have come from- and where they are going is really interesting! Happy Tail dogs have a lot to be thankful for, and those of us that have adopted through the rescue groups do, too! My boston is sitting on my lap as I'm typing-her new favorite spot. Enjoy the holidays- you are doing wonderful work!!!


  • February 28, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Ha! That is awesome! I’ve never really seen a boston terrier with a tail before.

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