A Perfect Fit for Christmas

I’m not big on Christmas gifts because I don’t like the idea of a mandated day when I’m required to give someone something. Doesn’t that seem kind of contrived? If I want to give someone a gift, should it matter what time of year it is? Because of the mandatory gift-giving nature of Christmas, we all end up with extra junk in our homes that we didn’t want or need. I feel I’m doing people a favor by not contributing!

Okay, I’m not completely a Grinch. And to prove it I’ll tell you that when the opportunity came along for me to give some strangers a wonderful gift that they really wanted, I jumped on it! An application came in for Poppi, but I was hesitant because the woman said she wanted a potty-trained dog, and that was definitely not Poppi. However, everything else on the ap looked great – three kids, stay at home mom, decent-sized yard in a nice neighborhood. I figured I should give it a try, so I sent her an email and within hours got a phone call back. In another few hours they were up at my house and Poppi seemed to be in all his glory around the kids (I think he was actually glowing!).

Their story goes that they were ready to adopt a different dog from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue – they went out and bought all the requisite stuff for their new dog and were supposed to pick him up from the vet after his neuter, but there were complications with the procedure, and he had to go back into foster care for evaluation (sad!). So here they were, hearts broken, back on the hunt for another Boston Terrier. They had researched and planned for their perfect dog and were certainly upset about the one that didn’t work out. Then they saw Poppi on Petfinder.com and were instantly smitten.

The world works in mysterious ways, and our introduction yesterday reinforces my belief that everything happens for a reason. If you read my last post, you know that Poppi went to the wrong family and was returned within three days. Coupled with the fact that the prospective family was to get another dog but that dog had an issue preventing him from becoming theirs, I have to say that Poppi and this family were meant to be. When they walked in the door, Poppi immediately jumped up on the kids (the youngest of which was only a head taller than him). Instead of crying or screaming, the kids giggled gleefully. The mother was very nice and asked great questions (this would be their first dog), apparently reconsidering her position on potty training. We talked about belly bands and how they can help with the potty training process (and save rugs and furniture!), feeding twice a day, appropriate exercise (as much as possible, please take Poppi to the dog park a few times a week, too), and sleeping conditions (under the covers in someone’s knee-pit, of course!). Poppi just wiggled his tail the whole time.

Just like with Craig a few weeks ago, when it was time to leave, Poppi went out the door and never looked back. Did it hurt my feelings? Nope, because I KNEW he was off to a new beginning and a great life with a family who had carefully considered their decision to bring a dog into their lives. Here’s my PSA: Dogs and puppies are NOT something that should be given as holiday gifts unless they are planned for and the whole family is in on it, as was the case with this family.

Up next… We’ve got a nine-year-old female coming to stay with us. I was just thinking yesterday how much I love old dogs, and now one is coming into my life. What a wonderful Christmas present for Bill and me!