Another Cancer Dog!

This is a very bad month, but I guess we need “bad” sometimes to put the “good” in perspective. For example, I’ve been stressed out with Happy Tails Books because I switched our shopping cart to, which means people have to sign in to Amazon to check out now, and I have no idea if people don’t make it through the process (with our old cart I did know). On the upside, the fees are much lower so I can donate more. Any ideas? What do you think about checking out with Amazon?

Anyway, all of these stresses pale in comparison to the fact that my latest four-hour foster (I was really just holding her for the day) needs to have her leg removed on Tuesday. I’ve never actually seen a bad mast cell tumor in person before, and I’d hoped I never would. Unfortunately, little Daisy was dumped at the Boulder Humane Society with a huge tumor. There’s not much else to do but remove her leg because it’s malignant.

I hear it hasn’t spread to her lungs yet, and I hope that by removing her leg they can save her from future cancer trouble. She’s a really sweet nine-year-old who is a little “too interested” in cats. (That what her paperwork said and it’s so true! She bit my cat and made him throw up! He’s fine but it was gross.) Please keep Daisy in your thoughts along with Zoye, who is with a great family now, but I still haven’t heard the results from her cancer biopsy.

It’s been a rough month but we’re almost out of it. The Boxer book is about ready for pre-sale, and the German Shepherd book is well on its way. I’m looking forward to receiving stories for our next books which are maybe going to be about Pugs and cats. Yup… February is going to be much better.

One thought on “Another Cancer Dog!

  • January 24, 2010 at 9:14 pm


    I hope Daisy's surgery goes well… looks like a really big tumor- I've never seen what cancer "looks like" in a dog. And, on a happier note- what a nice story about Zoye being adopted! Loved reading it along with the pics, too. As far as Amazon, I'm thinking the kinks will eventually get themselves worked out, will really put Happy Tails way, way out there for the masses to see, and what an awesome temporary trade-off for having more money to donate to rescue!! Sounds like an awesome plan to me. Best of luck with the transition….

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