Foster Updates

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I was told I’d be getting a Boston-Chi mix who was hit by a car as my next foster. I never got her because it turns out that there are good people in this world, and the pup had so many applications on her that my rescue decided there was no point in sending her all the way up to me. Go Tilly!

Marley: Funny story about Marley, the pudgy, humpy foster I had a few weeks ago. I left for vacation so Marley went to live with another foster. At first she said she would hang on to him, but then after he nipped her year-old grandson, she decided it would be better if I took him back. We met one morning at our usual spot, made the transfer, and then I stopped at a dog-loving friend’s house on the way home. Well, that’s where Marley stayed! He was having so much fun with her and her kids (age 7 and 10) that they decided to foster my foster. But are they really fostering? I think not, though only time will tell. I’ve heard the kids are mounting a campaign to keep the little guy, and my money is on him staying there for good.

Madeline: I received a great email from “Madeline” yesterday, so I thought I would share. She went to her new home last week, and though we miss her, it’s clear that she’s already become quite an important part of her new family. Here’s her note:

Yes, I am adjusting quite well. I had a great weekend. I got to meet lots of new friends and some family. We went shopping at Pet’s Mart on Saturday. It was really busy in there with lots of people and dogs. So a got a little nervous in there. Daddy took me out to the car and I felt a lot better. Mommy came out with a pretty new pink collar with a new bling tag on it with my name on it. I think I’m going to be very spoiled in my new forever home. I like my evening walks and I think Im more comfortable sleeping in my crate at night. But, early in the mornings Daddy gets up and takes me out to go poddy. I’m really trying to bond with him, but Im still a little afraid of him. Then I get to sleep some more on his lap while he reads for about an hour. Then he takes me to Mommy and lets me sleep with her on the bed until she gets up. Boy, do I LIKE that. Its so soft and comfy and warm that I drift right to sleep and snore right into Mommy’s ear.

Today was my first whole day with Mommy and Me. We went to PetCo today to look for more chew toys that I can’t eat. The others I’ve had I gobble them up and get real stinky gas! Pardon me! I also had a bath today. That went ok. I’m not sure that I like it a whole lot, but Mommy was real gentle and my skin is not as itchy. I also love playing outside. My next door neighbor, Ralphie ,and I like playing chase along the fence line. That’s her in a picture below.

Gotta go now and take a nap before Daddy gets home. Will write again next week or two.