Max Attacks!

Now that Max is feeling better, he’s become a very feisty guy! He gives a piece of his mind to all the puppies we encounter and loves to gnaw on my nose as he’s washing my face for me. This is seriously the sweetest dog I’ve ever met despite all that he’s been through! However, he does need to find a new home because my Pergo floors are so hard for him to navigate.

Last Thursday Max was finally able to get his surgery: two cherry eyes, a neuter, and two teeth pulled. Poor guy. Because just moving is an effort for him (he hops around on three legs and whacks the fourth on the floor for steering), he ripped open a few stitches and his testicle-less sack filled up with blood. Not to be gross, but it looks like a giant strawberry. I spoke with the vet about the swelling, and they didn’t seem too concerned. They said it would reduce itself in time. I didn’t mention the outer stitches down there because I thought I could just play doctor and superglue them myself, which I did.

But now I see that Max’s left eye seems to be having some issues – I don’t think they lasered enough of the gland, and it’s threatening to pop out again. Looks like I’m going to have to go to the vet with him, and I’m sure they’ll see my superglue job. I hope they don’t get mad at me – I was just trying to save the rescue some money, and I cleaned the site first. We always superglue our cuts. Did you know that superglue was originally invented for use to close off small arteries during heart surgeries? Good stuff!

On an unrelated topic, yesterday was Bill’s birthday but we’re going to celebrate it today. He turned four – never thought he would make it that far after such a rocky start. We going to hike and do an agility test today to see if it’s something he would enjoy. Later we’ll celebrate with “dog cake” (hamburgers!). Happy Birthday, Bill!

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  • June 7, 2010 at 5:00 am

    Poor Bill.. I wish all the best for you!
    Hope u'll get better soon!

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