Olive Update

Boston Terrier Hiking
Olive's First Day on the Trail

Olive is a very sweet girl who is proving a bit of a challenge…to photograph! This little wiggle-butt never stops moving, except when she is sleeping (which is most of the time when she’s not moving and is certainly not very interesting to photograph). Yesterday was Olive’s first time on a real hike after spending five years in a puppy mill cage. She’s not a great leash-walker only because she like to take A LOT of time to stop and smell the “roses,” and she can’t yet be off leash because she doesn’t consistently come when called, but we had a great time nonetheless.

Olive and Bill on the Couch
We're pooped!

Olive really impressed me during our hike, as despite the fact that she only has one eye, she went up and over rocks that were at least two feet high. No problem for Olive! I expect that from my rehabilitated Boston, Bill, who thinks he’s a mountain goat, but Olive’s persistence and bravery came as a bit of a surprise.

Today’s adventures will include sleeping on the couch, visiting the dog park, sleeping in the car while we go to the flying trapeze rig (I know, it’s a bizarre hobby, but my husband and I just can’t get enough of it), a nice long walk in the woods, and then more sleeping on the couch, all interspersed with great dog food from People Food 4 Dogs and some delicious doggie treats.