Recognizing Rescuers: Michele Quant

Sara Linker Nord would like to honor Michele Quant of Camp Companion:

Camp Companion Rescue

I would like to highlight Michele Quant, founder of Camp Companion in Rochester, MN. Her tirelessness and positive attitude has always been an inspiration to us volunteers, but for the past couple of months, she has simply blown us away. In August Michele lost her home, all of her possessions, and a couple of feral kittens when devastating floodwaters ran wild in our region. With little left, what was Michele’s biggest heartbreak? Those poor kittens she was unable to save. As she said, everything else is just “stuff”.

Without missing a beat Michele started helping others who lost everything by setting up donation sites. The outpouring was great and truckloads of cat and dog food and supplies were given to families who needed them. She even rescued a lost, terrified and filthy little kitten, who she aptly named Mudpie, from the devastation. Michele still doesn’t know if she can rebuild on her property. A friend’s livingroom is now her home. But her focus remains on the needs of the homeless and castoff felines she hears about and encounters everyday. To those of us who are priviledged to know her she is a saint dressed in kitten fur!