Recognizing Rescuers: Kathy Swaney

Tobie Denney would like to honor Kathy Swaney of Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue:

“Rescuers are all truly amazing people who sacrifice their time and money. I could write a few names on here and each rescuer is so very special in their own right. I have met few that compare with Kathy Swaney. She is an amazing woman that work tirelessly for those who cannot care or defend themselves. She is always there, no matter what time of day or night to help these furry babies. I am so grateful to Kathy and people like her that these lost souls have advocates working tirelessly in their behalf. Everytime I look into these faces of two of my dogs that were rescued by her I thank God because they have brought me so much joy and laughter. Thank you to all of you that do so much to help these animals that would of never had a second chance.”