Foster Pyramid Scheme

Well, at least it seems that way. But in a good way!

I got a new foster dog the other day. Her name was Missy. She was a mill momma who exemplified the tormented end of mill mommas. She had been in foster care since August, and somehow her previous foster managed to potty-train her. However, she was still very fearful of humans with some very strange behaviors. For example, when I’d walk toward her, she would run past me instead of away from me. When I got close, she would stuff herself into the closest door or wall. She was slightly less sad than the mill dogs who have completely lost the ability to react to human hands, but it was really terrible to participate in. Nevertheless, I had to put her harness on and off her, and it would do her no good to just be left alone. She had to at least try cuddling with chicken treats once a day.

The second day I had her, I happened to see my friend Rita at the dog park. Rita has known me for 2.5 years, since I’ve had Bill, but she’s never taken any serious interest in my dogs. That’s not to say that she hasn’t been supportive of my foster activities, because she’s always very loving and welcoming toward my foster dogs, but she’s never suggested that she would be interested in fostering. Well, she took one look at Missy and said, “I’ll take her. I’ll foster her for you.”

She just felt so bad for my little lost soul, and I was grateful because between the upcoming Don’t Kill Bill show and Partners With Paws book, I don’t have much time for cuddling. Rita, on the other hand, is retired  and has more time to give Missy individual attention. The first thing she did when she got Missy home was warm up a towel in the dryer and wrap her in it. What a saint. She has since changed Missy’s name to Peanut so as not to conflict with the nickname of her own dog and taken Peanut to numerous vet visits to help with her damaged eyes. The poor girl has cataracts in both eyes, is mostly blind in one, and has some sort of cyst on the other. MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue is committed to do what we can to help with her eyesight.

So with Peanut at Rita’s house, I’ve been able to open our home to another foster dog. Again a fiveish mill momma, Winny has proven to be lively, playful, and a bit of a challenge. I can’t believe this dog has only been out of the puppy mill for a month. Her backside makes it obvious that she was in a mill, but her attitude says, “It doesn’t matter, just give me love.” What a dog!

This white-faced clown has adopted a green dinosaur toy as her own, which is great because it’s the only one we have made of pseudo-indestructible plastic. She already ripped the face off Bill’s favorite blue buffalo and I managed to steal the purple dinosaur in the nick of time, so we’re left with this green one. I wonder how long it will last?

As for Bill, he’s truly a ladies man. We had both Winnie and Peanut here over the weekend, and Bill was thrilled.

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