Two in One Weekend!

In my last post I told you about my two mill momma foster dogs, Winnie and Peanut. Peanut was being fostered by a friend of mine for me because she had more time to cuddle with her on the couch while reading. I have to say, Rita’s “therapy” helped Peanut make significant progress over the past two weeks, and Rita was also immensely helpful with getting her to vet visits, as she had an eye issue needing attention.

Boston Terrier

Well the impossible happened: We received an application from a perfectly wonderful couple who adopts older and troubled dogs from our rescue. They wanted Peanut! They came up on Friday night, and it was an instant match. While Peanut was still skittish and didn’t like the idea of being picked up, once she was in their arms, she just melted.

Boston TerrierThen, on Saturday, I had a fella coming up to meet Winnie. I really didn’t think it was going to work out because she’s been so difficult to potty train and he had listed on his application that he wanted a male. Nevertheless, he fell in love with her immediately. I mean, who wouldn’t? Between her clownface markings, her seal impression, and her “purring” when being held like a baby, she’s one of the most lovable dogs I’ve met.

So this weekend was a double success. It’s funny how things work out, however, as this morning I awoke to an email about a dog I had rehomed over a year ago. Apparently the family has fallen on hard times and needs to relocate to a new home that doesn’t allow pets. They seem heartbroken, but I’m proud of them for sticking to the contract and contacting us to help the dog find a new home. Ruth, now Lilly, was a mill momma, but I’m sure by now she’s well-adjusted. I’ll let you know more when I see her.