Cherry and Eukanuba Challenge Update

Cherry got a great home out in Grand Junction. This was so hard because a) she’s a mixed-breed, which always takes longer to get adopted and b) I had to get her adopted within a week or she had to get bounced to another foster home because I was leaving town. At the very last minute, the day before I ran out of town for three weeks, a wonderful family in Grand Junction applied for Cherry, and another foster agreed to hold her until we could arrange transport. Long story short, I just got an update the Cherry is settled in and doing great (yay!).

I also wanted to update you on the Eukanuba Challenge. Eukanuba kindly offered us a free bag of food if we would feed it to Bill and blog about results. Honestly, Bill was great before, and he’s still doing great now on Eukanuba, so I don’t really have anything interesting to report. My mom, who is watching Bill in my absence, told me that Bill ran into a tree stump at the dog park yesterday and dug a hole like he always does. This wouldn’t be strange at all except that after he dug the hole, he laid in it and went to sleep. That was a little strange, and one could possible attribute that to Eukanuba food… maybe the food is so hearty he was trying to make his way in the wild?

But honestly, he’s probably just acting out because I’ve been gone for a bit. Which I guess is important for me to mention, as I’m a little slow on blog posts this month.

Anyway, the Eukanuba food seems to be doing the job. I thought that Lorie Huston’s post about her experience with the food was way more interesting than anything I would write, so I’d encourage you to take a gander a what she has to say. I actually learned a lot about ingredients from her.

You, too, can take the Eukanuba 28-day challenge. By checking out their food and telling folks about your experience, you can win an exclusive photo shoot and appearance in Dog Fancy Magazine!