Rescue SPOTlight: GRFR

This week’s Rescue SPOTlight shines on Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR), a Colorado-based, volunteer-driven, 501(c)3 non-profit rescue organization that has been helping with Up For Pups’ rescue best practices manual.

  • Mission: Our mission is to rescue, foster, rehabilitate, and adopt out abused, neglected, and unwanted Golden Retrievers to permanent homes. All of our Goldens are currently in foster homes, which enables GRFR to better assess the temperament of each Golden for matching to the appropriate permanent home and provides prospective owners the opportunity to visit the Golden in a non-kennel environment.
  • Date founded: 2001
  • Types of animals you take in: Golden Retrievers, Golden Retriever mixes, Labrador Retrievers, and Lab mixes of all colors
  • Size of Rescue: Large
  • Your name: Kari and Tim Workman
  • Your position in the rescue: foster family
  • How long you’ve been with the rescue: since 2009
  • What you like best about animal rescue: The dogs! We love going to the transports and seeing all of the dogs come in to Colorado, knowing their lives are going to get better! We love meeting new dogs, getting to know their personalities, and finding them perfect homes. We especially love fostering puppy mill survivors and watching them really blossom with their new found love. We love that fostering is something we can enjoy as a whole family, our 3 year old son included.
  • What you think is hardest about animal rescue: The whole fact that “animal rescue” is a necessary thing is the hardest part about animal rescue.
  • Share one quick story about a rescue experience: Our first foster dog was then known as Cindy. She was supposedly coming from a family who had to surrender her and was great around kids. When we met her, she had to be pulled out of the kennel. She flattened to the ground like a pancake, had to be carried to our car, and had no idea what a home was. She was terrified of anything and everything! It took her days before she would eat, weeks before she would walk outside by herself, and months before she would look at anyone who came near her. She was obviously not from a family. We started researching puppy mills, and she displayed nearly all of the characteristics of a mill survivor. From the moment we met her, we were in love. Cindy is now Evelyn and is happily living with us…Our first foster became our first foster failure!



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