Break Through Radio Video about Pet Shops

Great video! Though it’s about NY, it’s definitely reflective of our nation as a whole. Don’t be fooled by what pet shop owners say, no reputable breeder would sell their dogs through pet shops; they usually have a waiting list and want people to come to their home/kennel so they can evaluate them. Additionally, “USDA certified” is nothing to brag about. Only large-scale breeding facilities that sell their dogs like livestock need to be certified: a sure sign of a puppy mill.

Oh, and at the end where the ASPCA is talking about “euthanization.” Don’t fool yourself. These animals are being needlessly killed. I highly recommend the book Redemption by Nathan Winograd if you’d like to learn more about the pet overpopulation myth. Simply put, yes, puppy mills need to be stopped, but shelters also need to do more. As Winograd outlines in his book, a few things they could do to to stop killing pets are:

1) Be open at night and on weekends when working people can actually visit.
2) Take adoption to the people via mobile adoption units
3) Offer low-cost spay/neuter clinics

There’s much more in the book, so I’ll hope you read it. But first, watch the video below!