Fiona Forty-Four

I’m convinced that by the Don’t Kill Bill show on June 25th, we will have taken in our 45th foster dog, especially because Fiona Forty-Four is so sweet! It’s not often that dogs come into rescue who are potty trained and well-socialized, but that’s Fiona! She love to roll around on her back, and she follows me around the house. The owner surrender form cited “landlord issues” for the reason she was surrendered, but I don’t think the owner really knew her four-year-old dog at all! She wrote that Fiona hates cats and being picked up, but so far she hasn’t even looked at my cats, and when I pick her up, she licks my face. On thing she does do, however, is flip onto her back and cower if I give her a correction, a sure sign that someone in her past wasn’t very nice.

Fiona did try to bully around Max, our disabled ex-foster dog whom we are currently dogsitting, so I had to separate the two. You know what, though? While I’m glad I didn’t let things escalate, it wasn’t too bad for Max to get a taste of his own medicine, as he bullies puppies all the time.

I just took Fiona, Bill, and Max’s sister, Madeline, to the north shore of the Boulder Reservoir, so they could take a dip. I can’t believe I forgot my camera, but the mental image of these three Boston “Terrors” holding a 60-pound Bloodhound/Lab/Boxer mix out in the water will keep me laughing all day long. Boy, did these dogs have a good time! The mutt-dog, Camille, was in the water but didn’t want to swim. Her mom told us she really wanted Camille to learn to swim, and the “triple terrors” were more than happy to assist. They barked and bounced along the shore, while Camille tried to figure out how to get out of the water. Madeline was so excited that she went in so deep she had to swim, which isn’t usually her favorite thing. She swims like a tugboat. Bill gave Camille the “awr-rar-roo” treatment for about 15 minutes while Fiona held the line in the shallows. Then, another black dog came into the picture, this time with a stick! That dog’s mama kept throwing the stick way out into the water, and while Fiona wouldn’t go out and retrieve it, she stole it from the dog in the shallows every time.

Now that we’re home and the dogs have been hosed down in the yard – they were filthy – everybody is asleep. That is, except me. But maybe it’s time for my nap, too.