Makes Me Feel Like a Wuss

Little Sophia was such a joy to have around, but I’m happy to announce that she found her forever home. The woman who adopted her is truly a saint, having previously adopted another puppy mill survivor and telling me she didn’t care at all about Sophia’s tumors. She can take her dogs to work with her and plans to let Sophia sleep in bed with her despite the loud snoring (we’re not that accomodating…).

Before closing out this chapter of foster life, I want to share some thoughts on humanity and how wussy we are ( or, at least, I am). Sophia needed a “mammary chain” removed because she had multiple tumors in her chest. This is pretty common with mill mommas, as females tend to get mammary tumors when they are not spayed before their fist heat. Sadly for Sophia, she wasn’t spayed until she was seven. The incision the vet had to make was huge – probably four or five inches long! Sophia was groggy and wouldn’t really use her left leg the first night (the incision went in pretty close to her armpit), but the next day she was hopping on and off the couch and insisting we go on a hike. I thought we would just take a short walk, but she wanted to go on and on. Then, when we got home, I thought she’d be sore, but she was totally normal with a great appetite to boot!

I can’t help but think that this dog, who just had a mastectomy, was a model for not letting things get us down. My pinky finger has been hurting for a few months since I jammed it at our flying trapeze club, and the other day it had me so depressed that I did some binge eating (which, of course, made me more depressed). But now I look at little Sophia and I think, what I should really be depressed about is what a wuss I was for being upset about a little finger pain in the first place. GET OVER IT! Feeling sorry for myself isn’t going to get me out on a hike. Thanks, Sophia. I get it now. Why focus on a little finger injury when I could instead focus on going outside and having some fun? Woof!