Aida “The Angel” Update

Aida is such a sweet girl, and we miss having her in our home. Nevertheless, nothing makes me happier than receiving positive feedback from adopters. Aida, how Peaches (love it!), has been in her new home for about three weeks now. Here’s what her family had to say this morning:

Boston terrier rescue

Kyla – I thought you might like an update about Miss Peaches.  She is doing quite well and is beginning to exhibit “Boston like” behavior.  Yesterday when I returned home after about a 2 hour absence she went wild in the yard with me, jumping in the air and racing around.  She is playing with toys regularly now and actually chases after a toy if you throw it.  She is eating well.  Her right eye looks a whole lot better.  No more of that greenish gunk in it.  Our Vet put her on antibiotics for her eye 3 times a day and that seems to have cleared up that nasty look.  She is still real cuddly, sleeps well in the bed, and independently roams around the house.  We have about one “potty accident” a day which I think is pretty good.  We are still working on that.  Thanks again for the good start you and your husband gave her; Bill too!   I will send the diaper back tomorrow as we are not using it.  Good luck with all your Bostons.  We’ll be in touch.  Elaine

Isn’t that wonderful? A great start to the day. Thanks, Elaine!