Pet Owners Looking for Rawhide-Snack Alternative Find Answer with SmartBones

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“Smart” chew treat is fortified with vitamins, minerals to keep dogs healthy

NEW YORK, N.Y. (July 11, 2011) – If ‘Fido’ is one of the more than 20 million dogs craving a chew treat not made with rawhide, there’s a palate-pleasing, healthy alternative now available.

SmartBones, by PetMatrix, are chew treats made with chicken, vegetables and other healthy ingredients. These rawhide-free treats are perfect for the four-to-five out of 10 consumers who prefer not to feed their dogs rawhide.

“Chew treats are an important part of every healthy dog’s diet,” said PetMatrix Chief Science Officer Martin Glinsky, Ph.D. “Eating kibble alone doesn’t thoroughly exercise a dog’s mouth and can cause teeth to become disused and plaque-ridden. This ultimately may lead to additional health problems.”

And, since keeping pets healthy is paramount, SmartBones contain a special vegetable layer that is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help supplement daily nutritional requirements. In fact, these treats are the first of their kind to be fortified and offer more nutritional benefits than standard chew treats. This is because rawhide treats are made with animal byproducts that offer “zero” nutritional value, Dr. Glinsky said.

“Even though rawhide is a form of protein, all proteins aren’t equal,” Dr. Glinsky said. “Rawhide is an extremely low-quality form of protein, not the type that animals need for nutrition.”

In addition to health benefits, SmartBones are easier on a dog’s digestive system compared to rawhide treats. SmartBones are 99.2 percent digestible, whereas even the highest-quality dog foods are only 85 percent digestible.

“The actual digestibility of rawhide treats is questionable,” Dr. Glinsky said. “There are many reports of certain breeds of dogs swallowing rawhide treats whole, or in large pieces, which cause intestinal blockages and other severe health problems.”

Further aiding a dog’s digestion, SmartBones are available in four different sizes based on a pet’s weight: Mini SmartBones (5-10 lbs.), Small SmartBones (11-25 lbs.), Medium SmartBones (26-50 lbs.) and Large SmartBones (over 50 lbs.). All four sizes are available in Chicken and Peanut Butter flavors. There is also a special Dental variety offering additional ingredients to assist with oral health.

SmartBones are available in stores nationwide, and additional information may be found at or by calling 877.336.DOGS (3647).

About PetMatrix

PetMatrix, the creator of SmartBones, was founded in 2008 and has offices in New York, Arizona and Hawaii. The company’s founders have extensive pet industry experience, which they use to create healthy products that improve the lives of pets around the world.

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    we use to give our dogs rawhide now i see the dangers then greenies then the dangers how are these different how are these safe.i am interested in trying them if i feel they are safe are there any coupons out there

  • July 20, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    I checked to see if there were any online coupons, but there aren’t any at this time.

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