Separation Anxiety… Mine!

There are all sorts of websites and books that help you get your dog over separation anxiety, but where are the websites and books to help me get over my separation anxiety when I leave the dogs? I mean, it’s hard to leave something that cute! 

I’m off to BlogPaws today (woo-hoo!). It was a tough decision whether or not to bring Hillary (I’d bring Bill in a heartbeat, but he’s slightly too tall to fit under the seat). This was my first time considering air travel with a dog. Well, at least, the first time when my husband wasn’t flying the plane. Turns out just thinking about it is a nightmare! I can’t imagine what the real thing is really like.

United was going to charge me $125 each direction to stow Hillary under my seat, which I think is absurd since it’s not like a person was going to sit under my seat, and they were going to lose money because of it. For $250, I could have almost bought the entire seat next to me. Additionally, I was going to have to drive to the airport (as opposed to taking the bus), pay for parking, and pay $65 to my vet for a health certificate. Why it would cost that much when she just saw the vet for an exam a week ago, I have no idea, but that’s what it would cost. Even the low-cost clinic was going to charge me $60 for it. My total for travelling with Hillary would have been about $350, whereas my total without Hillary would be $13 (bus fare one way; I have a ride home). Uh… Tough to justify.

On top of the financial issues, I’m flying right into an hurricane, as Washington D.C. is supposed to get hit by Hurricane Irene. My hope is that it hits right after I leave, but we’ll see. Regardless of when it hits, the forecast for Washington is rain, rain, and more rain. Not fun with a dog who need to go outside. Additionally, it doesn’t appear that Chicago O’Hare has easily accessible potty places for dogs, and I have a layover there on the way home. Every friend who has flown through there lately has been delayed, which is rough in and of itself, but I think it would be much worse with a dog. 

Bottom line: Traveling with pets is expensive and possibly difficult.

What is your feeling about air travel with pets? Have you done it? Do you like it? How does your pet handle it?

2 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety… Mine!

  • August 25, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    My very first dog Pimf, a wirehaired Dachshund, traveled from Germany to USA twice. He liked it well enough. As outgoing and loving as he was, he could make friends on a dessert island. But I did not like it when the airline left him in Paris, France on the way back. I made such a scene, they delievered him to my house later that night. And the people who delievered him, wanted to buy him from us…. And yes, it was very expensive.

  • August 25, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    Oh! That must have been scary! I would have given them hell. Glad he made it home okay.

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