I’ve been thinking about what helps me to sleep at night when I know for a fact that perfectly healthy companion animals are being euthanized in shelters because of human irresponsibility. If I really begin to think about what is going on – I picture their innocent faces and pleading eyes as they are led to the kill room – I fall into a pit of despair. And then I remember how unproductive that thought process is. All I, or anyone for that matter, can do, is give it our all. We can find our own unique ways to support the causes we care for, which in my case is supporting my favorite rescues, publishing books, and putting on shows about adoption and rescue. I wish there was more I could do.

Here’s my challenge for you: Think of a social cause you really care about (i.e., euthanasia, homelessness, access to education, etc.) and spend five minutes making a list of all the ways you could possibly help that cause (i.e., monthly donations, putting up signs in coffee shops around town, contacting an organization and discussing your skill set to see how you can pitch in, etc.). Then, take a step forward THIS WEEK to help that cause. Don’t just talk about putting up signs; go put them up. Don’t just talk about volunteering; get involved. If you don’t know where to start, write me and I’ll help you!

Here’s the poem I wrote today, which was inspired by this train of though. What helps me to sleep well at night? Giving my all!

  • I give this life my all;
  • Sometimes I stand; sometimes I fall.
  • On days when I fall,
  • I look up and reflect.
  • On days when I stand,
  • My life feels correct.
  • However I land,
  • On my feet or my back,
  • I go on with a smile
  • And some plan of attack.
  • Most important of all,
  • Though I stand and I fall,
  • I answer the call:
  • Do your best, give it all.