Storytime: The Perfect Male

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The Perfect Male 

The Perfect Male

A few days before I turned 30, I took a moment to think about my life so far. For the most part, I was pretty content, but one thing was glaringly absent—a companion. I had gone back to school for my master’s degree the year before and had put a temporary moratorium on dating. But as the “Big 3-0” approached, I was ready to lift the romantic relationship ban.

Friends suggested I try an online dating service, and after some internal debate, I decided to take a chance. I signed up, uploaded some photos, and began to draft my profile. Writing my own profile wasn’t so bad, but then came the hard part: describing my perfect match. If I knew that, I probably wouldn’t be single!

 I was determined to give this online dating thing a serious shot, so I settled down on the sofa with a pencil and a pad of paper and started my list:

1) He has to be mature—no more silly boys for me. He has to be serious and take care of his responsibilities. But he also has to know how to have fun. A man who works hard and plays hard—now that is my kind of guy.

2) My ideal man has to be smart. This is non-negotiable. I don’t want just another pretty face who couldn’t find his way out of wet paper sack! He has to be able to keep up with me mentally. It is important that we both can teach each other new things and challenge each other.

3) Speaking of “just another pretty face,” my guy has to be good looking. I’m not shallow enough to count appearance as my number one priority, but let’s face it: Looks are important. Everyone has their own definition of attractiveness. For me, that includes someone who has strong facial features and a muscular build. I’ve always been especially drawn to dark hair and deep brown eyes. A little bit of gray around the temples is a bonus. And, like many women, I find bad boys strangely appealing, so a man with scars that tell a story of past adventures would really catch my eye.

 4) My guy has to be protective. Like I said before, he has to take care of his responsibilities and one of his responsibilities is to look after me. From protecting me from snakes that crawl on their bellies to snakes that walk around on two feet, he has to always have an eye out for those who would hurt me. Of course, he also can’t be too clingy and has to have his own interests.

5) My guy has to be affectionate and always ready with a kiss. He has to get along with my friends, and my parents have to like him as much as I do. He has to appreciate my culinary skills, even when I ruin dinner. He has to be happy when I come home from work and sad when I leave in the morning. He has to like to dance and sing along with me when a good song comes on the radio.

After jotting down my list, I stopped for a moment and took stock of what I had just written. Then something caught my eye. Well, I’ll be darned—there, curled up in a furry, little ball, was my perfect match! His name is Mickey, and he’s my handsome Beagle who came into my life seven years ago.

Who would have thought that my vision of the ideal boyfriend was in front of me the whole time, manifested in the form of a spunky, little pound pup. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have Mickey in my life. Every day since he came home seven years ago has been filled with love and adventure.

Can a dating service really find me a human as perfect for me as my dog? Good luck! –Kimberly McClure