Happy Tails Books couldn’t function without the support of these wonderful animal lovers, who have generously volunteered their skills and time to help us produce books that battle animal cruelty, puppy mills, abuse, and neglect. We hope their participation with us inspires you to find your own “creative volunteerism.” It’s like tourism – doing the things you love to do in a new, fun environment. Contact us if you’d like to volunteer or need some advice on how your skills could be put to good use in ending animal suffering.

Scott Harper, Proofreading

Scott Harper and BennyRetired English teacher Scott Harper has been with Happy Tails Books from the beginning. One of the nicest, most dog-lovingest guys you’ll meet, Scott is known around Boulder, CO for his participation in the creation and maintenance of the Valmont Dog Park. He mentored Kyla (Happy Tails Books’ founder) in the fine art of editing and has been instrumental in getting Happy Tails Books off the ground.


Matt and Ashley Johnson, Photography

Love Mutt PhotographyMatt and Ashley have been strong supporters of Happy Tails Books and have volunteered with us by donating wonderful photos for our book covers. They run Cincinnati-based Love Mutt Photography and are not only the proud pet parents of three rescue dogs and two rescue cats, but they have fostered and adopted many other dogs and cats over the past several years. They have seen firsthand the effects that neglect, abuse, and ignorance have on innocent animals, which is why they strive to not only rescue but to educate as well. Their spoiled critters consist of two mutts, Addison and Ivy, a Pit Bull, Naula, a Maine Coon, Wolverine, and a Domestic Shorthair, Sophie. These wonderful critters fill their home with love, and there is never a dull moment!

Pamela Marks, Photography

Paw Prince StudiosCalifornia-based photography superstar Pam Marks has been one of the strongest supporters of Happy Tails Books, with her beautiful photography appearing on many to a Lost Souls: Found! covers. Her photography career began in 1994 when she volunteered to photograph dogs in obedience classes, and these days her photos can regularly be found in pet calendars and dog magazines. She has volunteered services at a number of animal shelters over the years because her heart goes out to all those doggies who deserve the kind of home her dogs have. Pam has adopted many dogs throughout the years, and is currently owned by four Australian Shepherds (one rescued) and a Toy Poodle-mix, who lives with her mother in Indiana.


Lowrey Mumford, Editing

Lowrey and TwigletWithout Lowrey, Happy Tails Books would never have gotten off the ground. Since the beginning, Lowrey has been a huge help in selecting and editing stories for all of our books. She lives in Colorado with her husband, Matt, and enjoys the company of Twiglet, a talented therapy dog, and Razzle Dazzle, a crazy puppy. Lowrey has worked as a journalist both for print and television, served as an writer/editor for online content and books, and currently works as a mediator. Her compassion for animals and animal advocacy efforts in editing for Happy Tails Books has been instrumental in our success.


Susan Tauber, Content Editing and Proofreading

Susan TauberSusan is a talented writer and editor whose insight never ceases to amaze us. She is “owned” by three adult children, four dogs (two Pugs, one Toy Poodle, and a Chocolate Lab/Australian Shepherd mix), two cats, and a minimum of one foster Pug at all times. A former newspaper reporter, she continues to work to pay for goodies for her four-legged family members and for occasional treats for the two-legged ones. Susan is active with Michigan Pug Rescue (MPR) – she’s been a MPR foster mom for nine years and hopes to continue fostering for many more. She hails from southeastern Michigan and will someday retire to a place where she can continue helping homeless animals. Here’s what Susan has to say about volunteering for Happy Tails Books: “I love helping with your books because of all the good Happy Tails does for rescues and for homeless animals. I appreciate how Happy Tails Books bring information to the public about the sad plight and happy endings for many homeless animals, the need for the public to speak out against cruelties to animals, and for the growing need for foster homes.”

Michele Wallach, Content Editing and Proofreading

Michele is a writing teacher in New York who has generously volunteered her time to help with our editing. Her stories have also been featured in several of our books.

Charlotte Grider, Content Editing and Proofreading

Charlotte Grider is a writer/editor who hopes that her writing will advance peace, justice, and humane relationships in our time. Whenever possible, she employs her skills on a volunteer basis for projects that benefit animal rescue and welfare, such as proofreading for Happy Tails Books and writing for Mission: PETS e-zine and dogspired.com. A lifelong animal lover with a strong passion for dogs, Charlotte enjoys volunteering at M’Shoogy’s Emergency Animal Rescue in Savannah, MO and helping maintain the group’s Facebook page.

 Charlotte and her husband, Tim, live in St. Joseph, Missouri with their four-legged children (all rescues): Dakota, Sabrina, Kristine, and Milo (the lone feline). The couple also has a pair of adopted dwarf frogs, Benjamin and Banneker.

We’ve tried to recognize all of our regular volunteers on this page. If you volunteer with us regularly but don’t see yourself here, please send us your bio so we can get you posted! Woof!