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Lost Souls: FOUND! Book Facts:

Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories About Beagles is full of 60+ stories from people who have fostered and adopted Beagles. People looking for Beagle puppies, Beagles for sale, or Beagles for adoption should read this book first to learn about the breed and about breed rescue. If you’re already involved with Beagle rescue, these stories are sure to resonate with you! This book is a great gift for Beagle lovers and a fun, easy read for you!

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Excerpt: “My mother-in-law lives next door, and while my husband and I were out running errands, she heard a commotion coming from our home office. One by one, our Beagles were jumping out of our office window like paratroopers! Now, you have to picture a 73-year-old woman trying to convince seven mostly self-absorbed Beagles to come back into the house after just a few minutes of unbridled freedom. She managed to wrangle two or three of the more compliant hounds and get them back inside before my husband returned home and rounded up the rest. Lesson learned. Thanks to our Beagle gates (not just for babies anymore!), our dogs have been safely secured ever since.” –Paula Roy

$12.95 I 144 Pages I Find a Rescue I Amazon Page & Preview I Meet the Authors & Dogs

Note Card Facts:

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-Each box contains 8- 5 x 7 flat note cards with envelopes printed on 100# cardstock
-A portion of every sale is donated back to the rescue of your choice
-Back side of each card is the same color as the card border and has a “Did You Know” about the breed

Cookbook Facts:

HBHR Cookbook

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You’ll love these 340 pages of recipes for people and pets created by the members of Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue (HBHR). Click HERE to see the Table of Contents. $25.00


Shirt Facts:

Buy Beagle T-shirts, clothing jewelry, bags, and housewares here.

About this image: This photo of Lucky was taken by by Ashley Johnson. Grabbed off a busy Kentucky intersection in the darkness, this Beagle (maybe part Fox Hound), earned his new name “Lucky.”  His freshly torn ear proved he had recently been on the run.  This precious boy began his new life in a loving environment in Cincinnati shuttled between two homes.  His fears of newspapers and belts gradually waned as his trust in his family grew.  Now, six years later, he lives in an “empty-nester” home with two Cocker Spaniel “siblings,” loves to walk his humans, and cuddle like a little puppy.

The “Adopted. Who’s next?” shirt series is meant to honor adopted pets and their resilience. Wearing these shirts is a great way to start a conversation with people about rescue and adoption. A significant portion of profits is donated back to animal welfare organizations.

About Beagles:

  • Originated in Great Britain during the 1830’s
  • Similar in appearance to the Foxhound (but smaller)
  • Usually 13-15 inches tall and 20-35 lbs.

Why People Love Beagles:

  • Short coat makes for easy grooming
  • Generally gentle and even-tempered
  • Great small-game hunter
  • Don’t need a lot of exercise
  • Great with any family member
  • Generally like other dogs

Why Beagles Can Be Challenging:

  • Average shedding
  • Easily won over so not meant to be a guard dog
  • Prone to separation anxiety
  • Likes to follow scents and so usually a leash is recommended
  • May be hard to train
  • Can be noisy
  • Though generally healthy, may be prone to epilepsy, hypothyroidism and disk diseases

Other Facts and Tips About Beagles:

  • The AKC recognizes Beagles that are a combination of white, black, red, tan and a variety of other colors
  • Bred to hunt rabbits, birds, and pheasant by scent
  • Medium-Long life expectancy (12-15 years)
  • Snoopy from “The Peanuts” is a beagle
  • The litter size is usually 7 puppies, can be more
  • AKC group: Hound

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