Children’s Books

Happy Tails Books is excited to offer the following advocacy-related children’s books:

From Rome to Home

Children's BookThis colorful, endearing children’s book by multi-award winning author, Diana M. Amadeo, follows Sergio and Pasquale, two Italian Greyhounds, as they escape the streets of Rome in search of the perfect home. Through Sergio and Pasquale’s journey, readers learn just what our furry friends are looking for in the perfect companion. Young children will love looking at the beautiful watercolor pictures painted by Michelle Alfonso, and pre-tweens will stretch their vocabulary and imagination as they intently flip these pages. St. Francis of Assisi would give this book two thumbs up!

        • Full of vivid pictures.
        • Appropriate for children ages 5-10.
        • 24 pages @ 6″ x 9″

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Here to Bump and Bump to Hear

Sita is a very special dog. Not only did she overcome whatever life threw at her in her first home, but she went on to become an assistance dog for Jane, an equally-amazing woman who has never let the fact that she is hard of hearing stand in her way. Now, Jane is sharing her story in a format that children can understand to help kids understand the value of rescued dogs and the important tasks that assistance dogs perform for those in need. This wonderful book is a must-read for children ages 5-10.

        • Full of easy language and vivid pictures.
        • Appropriate for children ages 5-10.
        • 32 pages @ 8.5″ x 11″

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How I Became a Real Dog

This is the story of how a little girl, who survived eight long years in a puppy mill, became a real dog named Phoebe.

Pet Secret Shopper Review: “My kids love the book!  Every time we read it my four year old tells me how lucky he thinks our dogs our because they have had a family that loves them from a very young age.” Read more here!

        • Full of easy language and vivid pictures.
        • Appropriate for children ages 5-8.
        • 32 pages @ 8.5″ x 11″

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Linda Moser’s Chapter Books

Tales for Kids Who Love Tails

Kids all over the country cheered for the two boys who set out to free abused neighborhood dogs in Mrs. Moser’s first book, Over the Fence. Now she’s back with five new tails, ehm, tales, that will have you cheering again! Follow along with a dog who was left to have puppies on the side of the road as she and her puppies find their way from the woods into loving homes. Get to know Cornelius, a donkey who was bullied by humans and other animals before he was found by people who truly understood and loved him. Read about Alan, a war veteran who rediscovers himself after receiving a dog, and find out how you can be like two little girls who bravely stepped forward did to help dogs and cats in their communities.

  • Full of easy language.
  • Appropriate for children ages 8-12.
  • 76 pages @ 6″ x 9″

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