Lost Souls: FOUND! A-C

A New Breed of Dog Books

Dog breed booksThe Lost Souls: FOUND! series of dog breed books features short stories submitted by owners of adopted dogs and cats. Aside from their intrinsic entertainment value, these thought-provoking stories dispel misconceptions about adopted dogs and cats and raise awareness about purebred dog rescue. Happy Tails Books is committed to giving back a significant portion of proceeds to the rescue groups that help us to collect stories from their foster and “forever” families.

Would you like to make your dog a star? Happy Tails Books is collecting stories on all breeds for upcoming dog breed books. Share your “tail” today!

Reader Review: “I believe that a book like this would open any one’s eyes to the importance of choosing a rescue dog when the opportunity arises. As different books on different breeds are written and read, I imagine even more breeds of dogs will be better off and more dogs adopted. Perhaps you might have a rescue dog story of your own or may want to adopt a rescue dog after reading about these great animals and all they go through.” –Karen Haney, Bookin’ With Bingo

Reader Review: “I began reading the Lost Souls: Found! series after my friend submitted a story about her puppy mill Golden Retriever for the Golden Retriever book. Inside each book I’ve found wonderful, heartwarming stories with happy endings, but what has impressed me most is the vision and dedication the publishers have for these books and for dog rescue… They took their passion for helping our canine companions to another level. Not only are the Lost Souls: Found! books a great read, but the Happy Tails Books project is a great cause to stand behind. Buy them all, read them all, and pass them along to your friends…. Oh, and don’t forget the box of tissues!” –Jo Ann Farley

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