Pets with Disabilities

pets with disabilities

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Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories About Pets with Disabilities, Vol. III is the final installment in Happy Tails Books’ series featuring pets who, with the help of loving, caring guardians, have overcome incredible obstacles to make the most out of their lives. The stories included in this book highlight how each pet, despite any difficulty, has become an indispensable family member and how the humans attached to these pets truly see these challenges as blessings instead of burdens.

From the Back Cover: “Three-legged Ella has two sides: her crazy, unfocused, wild side that emerges when she’s challenging her Newf sister, Zoe, and her motherly, gentle, loving side that she shows to blind Jake. I have a 20-second rule for Ella, during which she must ‘focus’ before I allow her to go wild again. In my opinion, she has earned the right to get a little crazy and to soak up every bit of her surroundings, so I reward her with that leeway once she gets through the 20 seconds. Ella certainly has a lot of living to do after being discarded by her breeder and almost not living at all! We should all be such a sponge for life!” –Judy Robinson

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Pets with Disabilities, Vol II

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This book is the much-anticipated second volume in the Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories About Pets with Disabilities series. It features more than 40 inspiring stories about pets who have overcome physical and emotional challenges to go on to become great family pets. This is a must-read for any cat lover or dog lover. These books are especially inspiring for people who are battling difficult times in their lives, as seeing how these pets overcome hardships gives many people hope of overcoming their own challenges.

Excerpt:”Almendra was born without front legs, and instead of teaching her how to walk, the family that was responsible for her litter dumped her at the Mexican veterinary school, where I am a student. She was covered in open wounds from dragging her body around, and she could only move one of her back legs. The hand-off from her former guardian was strange. The woman gave her to me and said, ‘Please take care of her.’ Then she started crying and ran away! I was left there alone, holding this disfigured, bloody puppy in my hands, thinking, ‘What is next?'” -Adhara Talamantes

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Pets with Disabilities

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Some people with giant hearts set out to help pets with disabilities. Other people somehow come to have special-needs pets before they realize how blessed they are to have received the pet they needed, even if it wasn’t necessarily the pet they wanted at first. Whatever the case, many people find that their “special-abled” pets have added a new dimension to their lives that no readily-adoptable pet ever could.

Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories About Pets with Disabilities is full of 40+ stories from people whose lives have been touched by “less-adoptable” animals, animals with physical or mental limitations that significantly affect their lives. These uplifting stories prove that animals with disabilities can prove to be equally good, if not better, companions than “normal” animals.

$12.95 I 144 pages I Find a Rescue I Amazon Page & Preview I Meet the Authors & Dogs


We’d like to thank A Newly Created Page for Special Needs Animals and, specifically, Cheryl, the kind-hearted woman behind the page, for partnering with us to make this book happen. Please click the link and “like” the page. The stories will surely inspire you!

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  3. Love the story of Sandy Wayne, the special needs squirrel.

  4. Thank you sooo much for including Sandy Wayne, the precious squirrel, in your book. I have been following her story on Facebook for a long time and it is an amazing one! Of course all of the animals in your book are special:-)

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