Dog Training Books

A trained dog is a happy dog! That’s something anyone with a well-trained dog will tell you. Dog training takes some effort, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Happy Tails Books offers a few dog training books in addition to our Lost Souls: FOUND! series of book about adopted dogs.

Hollywood Barks! recaps Hollywood Studio Wrangler Kathryn Segura’s life on the Hollywood set and offers 10 great trick tips to teach your dog how to bow-“Wow”! Your friends will think your dog is smarter than all the other dogs if you follow her simple steps. This book is an informative, true expose into the life of a real Hollywood dog training as well as a dog training book.


“Five paws up for Hollywood Barks. Kathryn Segura hits “the mark” on telling the stories of well-known movie dogs and describing how they learn their roles. The training tips from expert trainer Segura can be used with all dogs, whether you want your dog to be a star or a well-mannered pet.” Mary R. Burch, PhD, Director, Canine Good Citizen & AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy


socialize puppy mill dogIn addition to Hollywood Barks, Dog Blessed has some great tips on how to socialize puppy mill dogs, which is one of the main focuses of Happy Tails Books. Dogs who have survived puppy mill breeding programs often have a unique set of “issues” that require special attention, such as irrational fears (doors, thresholds, etc.), extreme shyness, and unresponsiveness. This book shares heartwarming stories about these survivors and useful tips on helping puppy mill dog to get beyond their fears. This book is a story book as well as a dog training book.

Review: “As well as finding the stories very interesting, I found the Tips From Over The Mill at the back of this book extremely helpful, as my husband and I have recently adopted a female golden retriever which came from a puppy mill.  We have absolutely no experience or background when it comes to rehabilitating a dog from this background.  It is quite a challenge for us, but rewarding at the same time when we see the tiniest bit of progress.” –Kit Watson