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Here are three things everyone should know about puppy mills:

Puppy Mill eBook

  1. Puppy mills are large commercial breeding facilities that house hundreds or thousands of dogs at a time. The breeding dogs are kept in small chicken-wire cages or something equivalently substandard with no socialization or veterinary care. Millers, as the owners are known, are often quoted stating that they perform c-sections and other procedures on their own. (These people are not vets.)
  2. Most puppies sold at pet shops, in classified ads, and online come from these ill, neglected parents.
  3. The best way to protect yourself and help diminish the number of dogs languishing in mills, which number is the 100,000’s, is to adopt a dog from a rescue or shelter (WATCH OUT FOR CRAIGSLIST SCAMS!) or carefully research breeders, visiting them in person and asking an extensive list of questions to ensure you are receiving a well-socialized, healthy dog.

Dog Blessed: Puppy Mill Survivor Stories

Learn more about puppy mills in our free eBook, the Mill Dog Manifesto, or buy a copy of Dog Blessed: Puppy Mill Survivor Stories.

The best defense against animal cruelty and against getting taken advantage of is education!

Mill Dog Manifesto review:

From The Savannah Pets Examiner’s Pet Pages:“This is a FREE e-book on puppy mill dogs. What they are, what they go through, what to expect if you adopt one and just how to be a better pet parent with this knowledge. I have personally read this book and found it very interesting and very easy to read. Other things I have read give a lot of technical terms, and information that really is not relevant to the common person, this book does not do that. It is as if Kyla is talking to you and explaining to you from the heart and providing you with her personal experiences with her puppy mill dog. It really is a great book to read and share. I hope you enjoy it.” -Dena Stapleton

Dog Blessed Review:

“WARNING: if you are a true pet lover, you can’t help shedding tears of joy or tears of sorrow, or repressing a smile or a big laugh when you read the stories in Dog Blessed: Puppy Mill Survivor Stories. Through these very well-written stories, you will realize the horror puppy mill dogs endure in order to supply American pet shops, as well as the love they discover once they are adopted.” – Phil Zeltzman, traveling board-certified pet surgeon and author of Dr. Phil Zeltzman’s Newsletter, an international pet publication