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Book Facts:

Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories about Boxers is full of 60+ stories from people who have fostered and adopted Boxer dogs. People looking for Boxer puppies, Boxer dogs for sale, or Boxers for adoption should read this book first to learn about the breed and about breed rescue. If you’re already involved with Boxer rescue, these stories are sure to resonate with you! This book is a great gift for Boxer dog lovers and a fun, easy read for you!

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Excerpt: “A lady and her husband were hiking in the desert when a little, white ‘something’ came running toward them at top speed. The blur turned out to be a Boxer with coyotes close on his tail. ‘Rocky’ had been stray for at least a month before being taken into rescue, probably surviving by picking oranges from nearby orchards and then peeling them to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of his labor (we’ve seen his talent with our own eyes). As a rescue volunteer, I was asked to foster Rocky, but I didn’t… I adopted him! Dubbed ‘The Little Ambassador,’ Rocky turned out to be the perfect big brother for all foster dogs who passed through our home, nurturing them with love, patience, and understanding”. –Judy Bailey

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Note Card Facts:

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-Each box contains 8- 5 x 7 flat note cards with envelopes printed on 100# cardstock
-A portion of every sale is donated back to the rescue of your choice
-Back side of each card is the same color as the card border and has a “Did You Know” about the breed

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About this Boxer dog: Tulip (now Laila) was a very sick five-month-old Boxer rescued by Legacy Boxer Rescue in March of 2009. Nearly dying in her first few days with the rescue, Tulip had life-saving surgery to correct collapsed intestines. Down to just skin and bones, Tulip never once lost her Boxer spirit and made a miraculous recovery within days. Two months into her journey with Legacy, she was adopted by a wonderful family in Frisco, TX where she continues to express her life-loving spirit. Without Legacy, this little girl would not have made it. Thank you Legacy Boxer Rescue. Adopted, who is next!

The “Adopted. Who’s next?” shirt series is meant to honor adopted pets and their resilience. Wearing these shirts is a great way to start a conversation with people about rescue and adoption. A significant portion of profits is donated back to animal welfare organizations.

About Boxers

  • Originated in Germany
  • Descended from the Bullenbeiszer and the English Bulldog
  • Broad skull, square muzzle, medium size and weight
  • Usually 21-25 inches tall and 50-75 lbs.

Why People Love Boxers:

  • Short coat makes for easy grooming
  • Playful, patient, athletic and intelligent
  • Loves human affection
  • Great with any family member, especially children
  • Great jogging companions
  • Usually gets along with cats
  • Great guard dog

Why Boxers Can Be Challenging:

  • Require lots of exercise
  • Can be active indoors
  • Should avoid temperature extremes
  • Can be challenging to train but respond well to positive reinforcement
  • Can be gassy (phew!)
  • Prone to cancer, heart disease, hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism

Other Facts and Tips About Boxers:

  • The AKC recognizes Boxers that are fawn or brindle, with or without white markings
  • 6th most popular breed in the USA (2008)
  • 20%-25% of boxers are born “white” (white markings covering at least 1/3 of their body)
  • The origin of the name “Boxer” is disputed but may comes from the nickname of the breed’s ancestor, the small Bullenbeisser, also knows as the “Boxl.” This is just one of many theories.
  • Medium life expectancy (10-12 years)
  • The litter size is usually 6 puppies or more
  • AKC group: Working Group

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