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Golden Retriever Gifts

Get breed books and a set of 8 note cards and envelopes for 12% off!

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  Akita Book and Note Cards $24.95
 Australian Cattle Dog Book and Note Cards $24.95
 Basset Hound Book and Note Cards $24.95
 Beagle Book and Note Cards $24.95
Border Collie Book and Note Cards $24.95
Boston Terrier Books and Note Cards (Vol. I & Vol. II) $36.95
Boxer Book and Note Cards $24.95
Cat Book and Note Cards $24.95
Chihuahua Book and Note Cards $24.95
Cocker Spaniel Book and Note Cards $24.95
Collie Book and Note Cards $24.95
Dachshund Book and Note Cards $24.95
German Shepherd Book and Note Cards $24.95
Golden Retriever Book and Note Cards (VI & VII) $36.95
Great Dane Book and Note Cards $24.95
Husky Book and Note Cards $24.95
Labrador Retriever Book and Note Cards $24.95
Pug Book and Note Cards $24.95
Pit Bull Book and Note Cards $24.95
Samoyed Book and Note Cards $24.95
Sheltie Book and Note Cards $24.95

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Pets with Disabilities

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Pets with Disabilities, Vol. I $12.95
Pets with Disabilities, Vol. II $12.95
  Pets with Disabilities, Vol. III $12.95
 Dogs, Vol. I (Lost Souls: FOUND!)$12.95
 Dogs, Vol. II (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Dogs, Vol. III (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
Dogs, Vol. IV (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Herding-Breed (ACD,Border Collie,Sheltie,etc.) (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Northern-Breed (Akita,Husky,Samoyed,etc.) (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Basset Hound (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
HBHR Cookbook $25.00
 Beagle (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Boston Terrier (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Boston Terrier, Vol. II (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Boxer (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Cat (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Chihuahua (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Cocker Spaniel (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Dachshund (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 German Shepherd Dog (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Golden Retriever, Vol. I (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Golden Retriever, (Vol. II (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Great Dane (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Labrador Retriever (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
 Pug (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
Pit Bull (Lost Souls: FOUND!) $12.95
Dog Blessed (Puppy Mill Survivor Stories) $12.95
 Hollywood Barks! $12.95
 Partners With Paws (Assistance Dogs) $12.95
Road to Rescue: Rescue Best Practices $29.95 $29.95
From Rome to Home (children's) $9.95
Tales for Kids Who Love Tails (children's) $9.95

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Herding Dog Stationery

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Akita $14.95
Australian Cattle Dog $14.95
Basset Hound $14.95
Beagle $14.95
Border Collie $14.95
Boston Terrier $14.95
Boxer $14.95
Cat $14.95
Chihuahua $14.95
Cocker Spaniel $14.95
Collie $14.95
Dachshund $14.95
German Shepherd Dogs $14.95
Golden Retriever $14.95
Great Dane $14.95
Husky $14.95
Labrador Retriever $14.95
Pug $14.95
Pit Bull $14.95
Samoyed $14.95
Sheltie $14.95