“Adopted. Who’s next?” Gifts

T-shirts, bags, household items, and more!

The “Adopted. Who’s next?” series is meant to honor adopted dogs, who have often been through so much before they find the loving arms of their forever families. In order to expand our reach, we’ve moved our “Adopted. Who’s next?” images to CafePress.

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Basset Hound Boston Terrier Cat
Basset Hound T-shirt Boston Terrier Shirt cat t-shirt


Beagle German Shepherd Great Dane
Beagle T-shirt German Shepherd t-shirt Great Dane T-shirt


Pit Bull Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever
Pit Bull T-shirt Cocker Spaniel T-shirt Golden Retriever Shirt


Pug Boxer
Pug T-shirt Boxer T-shirt


Labrador Retriever Chihuahua  
Labrador Retriever T-shirt Chihuahua T-Shirt  


Dachshund Weimaraner  
Dachshund T-shirt Weimaraner T-shirt  


Collies, Shelties, Border Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs (ACDs)
Herding Breed T-shirts
Akitas, Huskies, and Samoyeds
 Akita shirt husky shirt samoyed shirt