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 LSF “Best of” Audio Book

LSF Disabilities, Vol. I

LSF Disabilities, Vol. II

LSF Disabilities, Vol. III

LSF All Dogs (Vol. I)

LSF All Dogs (Vol. II)

LSF All Dogs (Vol. III)

LSF Herding-Breed Dogs (ACD,Border Collie,Sheltie,etc.)

LSF Northern-Breed Dogs (Akita,Husky,Samoyed,etc.)

LSF Basset Hound

LSF Beagle

LSF Boston Terrier (Vol. I)

LSF Boston Terrier (Vol. II)

LSF Boxer


LSF Chihuahua

LSF Cocker Spaniel

LSF Dachshund

LSF German Shepherd Dogs

LSF Golden Retriever (Vol. I)

LSF Golden Retriever (Vol. II)

LSF Great Dane

LSF Labrador Retriever


LSF Pit Bull

Dog Blessed (Puppy Mill Survivor Stories)

Hollywood Barks!

Partners With Paws (Assistance Dogs)

Pit Bulls: Villains or Victims? $19.95

Road to Rescue: Rescue Best Practices $19.95

From Rome to Home (children’s)

Here to Bump and Bump to Hear (children’s) $9.95

How I Became a Real Dog (children’s) $9.95

Tales for Kids Who Love Tails (children’s)