Snow Cute!

People often say, “Wow! You’ve really done a great job with him. It must have been hard.” Honestly, over the last year-and-a-half that we’ve been rehabilitating our ex-mill dog, Bill, there have been times when I thought he was never going to become a “dog.” When he sat in his bed for three months and cowered each time I tried to walk him, I thought, “Maybe Bill would be happier with an older person who isn’t active.”

I’m so glad I persevered. Days like today make it all worthwhile. Toby, our foster, opted to stay in the car when we arrived at the dog park. But Bill had a blast! (photo credits: Dennis Duffy. Bill’s got a fan club. I wish my parent’s liked me as much as they like him!).

One tough cookie!

I never thought my professional career would lead to “Dog Tilt-A-Whirl Operator”

Bye-bye, Odie-Pie!

Odie is on his way home tonight. I won’t miss him marking on the corner of my bed, but he has been a lot of fun. He lives in an apartment that doesn’t have many stairs, so getting up and down ours has been a challenge for him. He’s so funny because he’s a stocky little dog and he looks like he’s going to tumble, even when he’s walking. Going up and down stairs is no less comical, but he seems to have figured it out.

Bye-bye, Odie-Pie! We’ll miss you (well, at least I will – don’t know about Bill!).