Recognizing Rescuers: Kathy Swaney

Tobie Denney would like to honor Kathy Swaney of Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue:

“Rescuers are all truly amazing people who sacrifice their time and money. I could write a few names on here and each rescuer is so very special in their own right. I have met few that compare with Kathy Swaney. She is an amazing woman that work tirelessly for those who cannot care or defend themselves. She is always there, no matter what time of day or night to help these furry babies. I am so grateful to Kathy and people like her that these lost souls have advocates working tirelessly in their behalf. Everytime I look into these faces of two of my dogs that were rescued by her I thank God because they have brought me so much joy and laughter. Thank you to all of you that do so much to help these animals that would of never had a second chance.”

Recognizing Rescuers: Sharon Smith

Kitty Landauer wrote in to honor Sharon Smith of DARE:

I am the proud owner of 2 awesome Doxie  rescues from the wonderful Sharon Smith. If you are looking for Doxies please contact Sharon through the DARE website. She is great.

I had a wonderful Doxie, Norton for 14 years.  He passed away in October 2009.  I had a really tough time when he passed away.  A year later a friend suggested that it might be time to look for another Doxie.  I was put in touch with Sharon who went out of her way to find the right match for our household. In July 2010 Sharon brought Humphfrey to our house.  He is a four-year-old black & tan boy who is a love.  Sharon would follow up with me to see how everything was going.

A month later I found myself as the practice manager for a wonderful new animal hospital, East-West Animal Hospital in Lutz, Fl.
I organized our open house and asked Sharon to be part of our celebration.  She brought 2 adoreable Doxie’s, Harley & Lucas. Guess where I hung out almost the entire time, with the Doxies.

Two weeks ago our animal hospital participated in Dogtoberfest at The Wiregrass Mall in Wesley Chapel.  We were placed two vendors away from DARE ( Sharon was there as well ).  Again guess where I hung out.  Sharon brought 3 Doxies to the event & one of them was Harley. That was fate because a week later Harley was added to my household.

Because of Sharon’s commitment to DARE she will always be part of my life & our animal hospital.  Both Drs. Odachowski and Register at our animal hospital admire Sharon’s dedication.

I could go on and on but I think you see how I feel about Sharon and DARE.

Recognizing Rescuers: Michele Quant

Sara Linker Nord would like to honor Michele Quant of Camp Companion:

Camp Companion Rescue

I would like to highlight Michele Quant, founder of Camp Companion in Rochester, MN. Her tirelessness and positive attitude has always been an inspiration to us volunteers, but for the past couple of months, she has simply blown us away. In August Michele lost her home, all of her possessions, and a couple of feral kittens when devastating floodwaters ran wild in our region. With little left, what was Michele’s biggest heartbreak? Those poor kittens she was unable to save. As she said, everything else is just “stuff”.

Without missing a beat Michele started helping others who lost everything by setting up donation sites. The outpouring was great and truckloads of cat and dog food and supplies were given to families who needed them. She even rescued a lost, terrified and filthy little kitten, who she aptly named Mudpie, from the devastation. Michele still doesn’t know if she can rebuild on her property. A friend’s livingroom is now her home. But her focus remains on the needs of the homeless and castoff felines she hears about and encounters everyday. To those of us who are priviledged to know her she is a saint dressed in kitten fur!

Recognizing Rescuers: Deborah Bird

Christine Harte wrote us to honor Deborah Bird of Florida Dachshund Rescue:

I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Bird of Florida Dachshund Rescue when I had my home visit for my first rescue dachshund, Reese in 10/09. What an amazing person she is!!! Deborah was extremely easy to get to know, so easy that I wound up rescuing a second dog from her and my 3 dogs currently board with her. There are very few people that would be willing to take in the amount of dogs like Deborah. There’s no case too big or small for her to open her doors and heart to. From the minute she awakes to the minute she hits the pillow at night(mind you with dogs surrounding her), her life is completely dedicated to rescuing, fostering and rehabilitating these sweet dogs. Deborah’s love for the dachshund breed is quite evident in her home. From pictures to statues, signs and the like, she has it all. Her home is simply that, a home for so many dogs, regardless of their story, she takes them ALL!!!! I continue to stay in touch with Deborah and every time I talk to her, she has another sad case of an unwanted, mistreated dog. She will drive to and go anywhere simply because it’s her passion. If only we had more people with the amount of love, passion and dedication to dachshunds like Deborah. Hats off to one of my favorite rescuers, Deborah Bird!

Recognizing Rescuers: Roncy Roehm

Meghan Riegler wrote in to tell us about her experience with Roncy Roehm of Labrador Retriever Rescue of Cincinnati:

I would love to give a big thank you to, Roncy Roehm, the President/Director of Labrador Retriever Rescue of Cincinnati! She has dedicated herself time-after-time to me and many other people. And not only does she run the rescue, but she is also the Office Manager at Eastgate Animal Hospital.

I knew I had found a great rescue when we first adopted Lylia from there almost 3 years ago. Lylia has become such a part of our family and we are so lucky to have been able to adopt her!

So, no surprise, we wanted another dog as a companion for Lylia a year later. We looked online and ended up adopting a Black Lab we re-named Jake from LRRoC. Jake was the BEST dog we had ever known but he had a major problem-seperation anxiety. We tried literally everything (for about 1 1/2 years) to help him but had to make some tough decisions. Roncy was always there for me and my mom when we needed her most and she was happy to help!

After Jake, Lylia was very sad about being the only dog again. Roncy had told us she would love for us to foster dogs, so we did. It has really been such a good experience! She has you come in with your pets and meet the dog(s) first. If all is well, you can take them home with you that day! No matter what the circumstance, Roncy is always understanding and trying to keep every k-9 and person happy! I could not be more greatful to be included in such an amazing rescue. Everyone at LRRoC is just wonderful!

Thank you, Roncy, for all that you do. You have always done everything you can and so much more for us and all the dogs. I am so happy to have helped with the fosters!

Recognizing Rescuers: Kathryn Segura

Becky Altringer wrote to honor Kathryn Segura of Pet Detectives and Rescue Fund:

I would like to publicly thank Kathryn Segura for her time, compassion, and wisdom that she provides to Pet Detectives and Rescue Fund.  Kathryn is always willing to pitch in to help and she gets the job done right the first time.  Kathryn has provided tremendous support and experience for the past six months, which has helped the growth for our new foundation and helped us in our fight to stop animal abuse.

Kathryn is our Vice President and a good example of her helping was there was a case where a pit bull mix was chained up to a bar on the window. The chain was approximately three feet and the dog could hardly move, he had no shelter and little food and water. Kathryn stayed in touch with animal services everyday until they finally took the dog.

We were then able to find the dog a permanent home where the dog lives with three children who love her, she lives in doors and is spoiled. There are many other cases which Kathryn has been the one to keep me calm while she followed the law where I wanted to just barge in and do the wrong thing. Kathryn has been there to teach me the right way to deal with these cases since I am used to dealing with people in a different manner.

Kathryn’s love for animals and a sense of right and wrong as made our cases successful and on the right path.

Recognizing Rescuers: Chris Wilson of GSRCA

Recognizing Rescuers is a new series we are doing to honor all of the wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to helping animals. Running a rescue is not an easy job, as it entails working with many different people, animals in dire situations, and endless hours of fundraising, marketing, and management. Because of this sacrifice, Happy Tails Books believe these heroes deserve recognition.

Ginger Campbell, author of a story in our German Shepherd Book, wrote in today to honor Chris Wilson of German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama:

Chris Wilson GSRCA
Chris Wilson of GSRCA

“I would like to recognize and thank Chris Wilson from German Shepherd Rescue of Central Alabama. We have had Jake for almost 2 years now, and there is no doubt that he has enriched our lives in many ways. Chris is the one who helped make this possible.

We got Jake on January 2, 2009, and it is not that common to be able to adopt during the holiday season. Because we had another dog that was dying and wanted Jake to come into our family BEFORE he passed away, Chris agreed to do our home visit right before Christmas and she expedited all the paperwork.

Everyone in rescue gives so much, but I want to thank Chris for ‘going the extra mile.’ “