Dog Blessed

Main Line Animal Rescue Puppy Mill Survivor Stories: The Truth About Puppy Mills and How to Socialize Puppy Mill Dogs

socialize puppy mill dogPraise for Dog Blessed: “WARNING: if you are a true pet lover, you can’t help shedding tears of joy or tears of sorrow, or repressing a smile or a big laugh when you read the stories in Dog Blessed: Puppy Mill Survivor Stories. Through these very well-written stories, you will realize the horror puppy mill dogs endure in order to supply American pet shops, as well as the love they discover once they are adopted.” – Phil Zeltzman, traveling board-certified pet surgeon and author of Dr. Phil Zeltzman’s Newsletter, an international pet publication

Summary: At this very moment, countless breeding dogs are trapped in small, chicken wire cages exposed to freezing temperatures and extreme heat deep within the folds of myriad pristine-looking farms blanketing America’s countryside. The puppy mill industry is booming, with breeding dogs being treated like crops: abundant seeds maintained at the lowest possible cost, “sprouting” profitable puppies whose health and well-being is completely neglected.

Many puppy mill breeding dogs have been silenced in unimaginable ways, so with this book author Lisa Fischer has voiced their plea for help. Along with other volunteers and adopters from Main Line Animal Rescue’s Over the Mill support group, Lisa shares the stories of 32 dogs rescued from dire puppy mill situations. Each tear-jerking story about these dogs’ miraculous transformations into wonderful family pets is bursting with indispensable information that EVERYONE should know.

Help stop the suffering and ensure you won’t be swindled by the unscrupulous people who created those sick doggies in the window. Read this book, and arm yourself with the information you need to make the right choice about the next pet you bring into your life.

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Review: “As well as finding the stories very interesting, I found the Tips From Over The Mill at the back of this book extremely helpful, as my husband and I have recently adopted a female golden retriever which came from a puppy mill.  We have absolutely no experience or background when it comes to rehabilitating a dog from this background.  It is quite a challenge for us, but rewarding at the same time when we see the tiniest bit of progress.” –Kit Watson

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About Lisa Fischer:

dog blessed bookA volunteer at Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR), Lisa Fischer is the coordinator of their Over the Mill support group, which helps rehabilitate adopted puppy mill survivors. Initially shocked to hear about the horrific conditions in puppy mills, Lisa decided to dedicate herself to helping MLAR’s anti-puppy mill and animal rehabilitation efforts. Retired now from her former occupations of teacher and attorney, she, along with other volunteers, devotes her energies to giving new lives to all the animals at Main Line Animal Rescue.

Lisa lives in beautiful Chester County, Pennsylvania, with her husband, four puppy mill survivors, and an understanding cat.