Italian Greyhound

While we do not yet have a Lost Souls: FOUND! book about adopted Italian Greyhounds, we do have a wonderful children’s book featuring them. When we receive enough Italian Greyhound stories for a book, we look forward to putting one together. Please submit stories about your adopted Italian Greyhound here.

NEW! From Rome to Home

Children's BookThis colorful, endearing children’s book by multi-award winning author, Diana M. Amadeo, follows Sergio and Pasquale, two Italian Greyhounds, as they escape the streets of Rome in search of the perfect home. Through Sergio and Pasquale’s journey, readers learn just what our furry friends are looking for in the perfect companion. Young children will love looking at the beautiful watercolor pictures painted by Michelle Alfonso, and pre-tweens will stretch their vocabulary and imagination as they intently flip these pages. St. Francis of Assisi would give this book two thumbs up!

        • Full of vivid pictures.
        • Appropriate for children ages 5-10.
        • 24 pages @ 6″ x 9″

Buy paperback here.


About Italian Greyhounds:

  • Breed memorials found in excavated sites of Egypt and Pompeii
  • Sight hound dog
  • Slender, muscular build with a smooth coat
  • Usually 13-15 inches tall and 8-18 lbs.

Why People Love Italian Greyhounds:

  • Great companion dog
  • Enjoys people
  • Well-suited for city or country life
  • A joy to watch run:  fast, agile, and athletic

Why Italian Greyhounds Can Be Challenging:

  • Somewhat fragile – best kept away from small, grabby children
  • Can be easily spooked and skittish
  • High prey drive, so they should generally be kept on leash unless in an enclosed area
  • Susceptible to periodontal disease

Other Facts and Tips About Italian Greyhounds:

  • Sometimes called “I.G.” or “Iggy”
  • Many Italian Greyhound owners dispute the term “miniature Greyhound”
  • True genetic Greyhounds, with a bloodline that goes back 2,000+ years
  • Can achieve a top speed up to 25 mph
  • Collars easily slip off, so a “martingale”-style collar is advised

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