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Book Facts:

Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories about Labrador Retrievers is full of 60+ stories from people who have fostered and adopted Labrador Retrievers. People looking for Labrador Retriever puppies, Labrador Retrievers for sale, or Labrador Retrievers for adoption should read this book first to learn about the breed and about breed rescue. If you’re already involved with Labrador Retriever rescue, these stories are sure to resonate with you! This book is a great gift for Labrador Retriever lovers and a fun, easy read for you!

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Excerpt:“Shortly after adopting Cooper my mother visited. Before running to the store, she’d pulled 24 meatballs out of the freezer and placed them in a dish by the stove. We returned to find the dish where we left it, but no meatballs (surprise!). Several months later she visited again – this time putting a baked ham in the same dish the meatballs had been stolen from. Having to again leave the house, I wisely hid the ham in the laundry room. Nevertheless, we came home to find it, along with the glass dish, in the family room! How did Cooper get the dish off the dryer without breaking the glass? Where was all the grease? Only Cooper knew for sure and he wasn’t telling. But my wild, young Lab was training me… Next time I’ll remember to close the laundry room door.” –Mary Campisi

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Note Card Facts:

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-Each box contains 8- 5 x 7 flat note cards with envelopes printed on 100# cardstock
-A portion of every sale is donated back to the rescue of your choice
-Back side of each card is the same color as the card border and has a “Did You Know” about the breed

Shirt Facts:

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About this image: “This photo of Stella was taken by Charee Goolia. Stella (originally “Rosebud”) came to us in January, 2010. Although we were originally unsure of everything involved with rescuing a dog, we had friends tell us it was the best decision we could make and they were right. Stella and her litter mates were abandoned during an ice storm in Missouri and by the grace of God, were saved by Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue. The first few months with Stella were difficult, as she displayed fearful behavior when introduced to any new people or environments. She was terrified of being outside, on a leash, around cars, or with new people. With help from RMLR and a trainer, Stella is no longer scared, as she now knows she is safe and loved by everyone who surrounds her. She loves all dogs, especially her “big” sister, a 9 pound Yorkie. We love to watch them play tug-of-war, laugh as they run around in the backyard, and snuggle with Stella on the couch every night. Now over a year old, Stella has grown into not only a goofy and clumsy black lab, but also into an incredibly sweet and gentle family member. Although we’ve come home several times to chewed up beds, furniture, wires, shoes, appliances, and magazines, Stella warms our hearts, makes us laugh, and helps us see the silly in the serious. She has truly made our house a home and we are thankful every day that Stella chose us.” -The Dupuis Family

The “Adopted. Who’s next?” shirt series is meant to honor adopted pets and their resilience. Wearing these shirts is a great way to start a conversation with people about rescue and adoption. A significant portion of profits is donated back to animal welfare organizations.

About Labrador Retrievers:

  • Breed originated in Newfoundland
  • Historically bred to retrieve water foul and upland game
  • Muscular, smooth-coated and well-proportioned
  • Usually 22-24 inches tall and 55-80 lbs.

Why People Love Labrador Retrievers:

  • Great therapy dogs
  • Generally gentle, friendly, and intelligent
  • Dependable and obedient
  • Love swimming and dock jumping
  • Excel in obedience trials
  • They can live in apartments, but need lots of outdoor exercise
  • Compatible with children, adults, other dogs, cats and most livestock

Why Labrador Retrievers Can Be Challenging:

  • Humans must be strong leaders with their Labs to avoid destructive behavior
  • Cancer and eye diseases are common
  • Hip dysplasia is very common

Other Facts and Tips About Labrador Retrievers:

  • The AKC recognizes black, chocolate and yellow colors, with white markings.
  • The Labrador Retriever was once known as the “Lesser Newfoundland” or “St. John’s dog.”
  • Webbed feet aid in swimming.
  • Medium life expectancy (10-12 years)
  • One of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world.
  • The litter size is usually 6-10 puppies.
  • AKC group: Sporting

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