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Affordable dog eBooks and cat eBooks that highlight the popular Lost Souls: FOUND! series

Happy Tails Books is proud to be known as the country’s leading publisher of short stories about rescued and adopted animals. The company was founded to raise awareness and funding for rescue organizations, but today our books are so much more: a source of entertainment and valuable information for animal lovers, an outlet for foster and “forever” parents to honor and immortalize their beloved pets, and a fountain of strength for those who have found themselves in the “biz” of rescue for whatever reason (people generally don’t seek out animal advocacy; in most cases it tends to find them, as you’ll see in many of these stories).

Discount $2.99 eBooks are all the rage these days. We are excited to offer two abbreviated versions of our Lost Souls: FOUND! books for $2.99 through this new series, Two-Buck Tails and The Best of Lost Souls: FOUND! mini-eBooks. This special outreach project brings to life the joy, hope, and (occasional) chaos accompanying rescue and adoption in a way that is affordable and easy to read. Don’t be fooled by the title… These stories are priceless!

Two-Buck Tails

If you are new to the concept of rescue, we hope these stories will inspire you to get involved, be it by volunteering, adopting, or donating. If you’re already “in the know,” we hope these tales will reaffirm your devotion to the cause. After all, if we don’t help them, who will?

Each Two-Buck Tails eBook is equal to about 75-80 paperback pages.

Available for Kindle and Nook.

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The Best of Lost Souls: FOUND! mini-eBooks

Love happy tails? The Lost Souls: FOUND! series is well-known for sharing heartwarming, educational, inspiring stories from people who have fostered and adopted animals. The series is comprised of more than 20 books on both purebred and mixed-breed dogs and cats. These “Best of” $2.99 eBooks, which are equal to about 80-100 pages in print, contain a variety of stories from the series. They are an inexpensive way to experience the best animal rescue and adoption stories.

Find out whose stories are featured in these mini-eBooks here.

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