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Partners With Paws: Service Dogs and the Lives They Change

Partners With Paws
While we usually stick to books about adopted dogs, the role assistance dogs play in people’s lives is too important to ignore. Additionally, like purebred dog rescue, assistance dog training and the significantly positive impact these dogs have on the lives of people with disabilities is something most people don’t understand.

Partners with Paws seeks to educate readers, increasing puppy-raiser volunteerism and empathy for those who benefit from these dogs.

Review: “I love it! There’s much to love about it… The book means a lot to me personally because I struggle with severe hearing impairment and hypoglycemia, and these disabilities cause all kinds of problems because they are invisible, and people can be real &***@#. It also hadn’t really occurred to me how much I depend on my husband when it comes to safety—especially with the smoke alarm. Now, I kind of have the idea of training one of my dogs to be a hearing dog. I think Sabrina has already taken to alerting me to blood sugar issues, so she would make a good candidate.” – Charlotte Grider, Dogspired

Review: “The inspirational stories help others to understand the extensive training involved in preparing a dog to become a certified service dog, who is able to assist a person challenged with a disability to gain independence. Even though I was blessed to have my personal story included in this book, I, too, learned so much by reading the others stories about people’s lives and how they feel so fortunate to experience the unconditional love and specialized skills of well-trained service dogs.” -Judy Suan Hawaii Fido Service Dogs

Review: “I just finished reading Partners with Paws, and I enjoyed every story in it.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of getting a service dog.  The stories are heart-warming, heart-wrenching, and very informative.  They not only brought me to tears, but laughter as well at some of the crazy antics some of puppies in training displayed.

The stories demonstrated many of the diversified skills that these wonderful service dogs are trained for, possess and perform for people and the bond and companionship they share with their owners.  It gives me a wonderful sense of fulfillment seeing these dogs go about their everyday life helping individuals in need.  As a previous foster Puppy Walker for the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind I can certainly relate to some of the stories in Partners with Paws.” –Kit Watson

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*Photo courtesy of Joanne Dant