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Pit Bull Lost Souls: FOUND! Book Facts:

-Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories about Pit Bulls is full of 60+ stories from people who have fostered and adopted Pit Bulls. People looking for Pit Bull puppies, Pit Bulls for sale, or Pit Bulls for adoption should read this book first to learn about Pit Bulls and Pit Bull rescue. If you’re already involved with Pit Bull rescue, these stories are sure to resonate with you! This book is a great gift for Pit Bull lovers and a fun, easy read for you!

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-Excerpt: “One day my daughter called me in a panic: “Mama! I saw this Pitty girl at a shelter in Boston… She needs a forever home. She needs YOU.” I only knew what I heard about Pit Bulls (nothing good), but eight-month-old Fergie, who was born to be a “bait” dog, stole my heart. At the same time an unfortunate cat/kitten situation also needed my attention. Was it possible for me to foster a mother cat with her six-week-old kitten in the home of a Pit Bull? To my surprise, Fergie acted like she was their mother, sleeping and cuddling with the cats. What do I now know about Pitties? Devoted, lovable, and intelligent – I’d get another in a heartbeat.” -Gail Reed

-Review:“This book includes some of the most wonderful short stories about dogs that I have ever read. The various writing styles of each author make each story as unique as the content. I love the concise, two page descriptions of these wonderful dogs! This book is a must have not just for the Pittie lover, but any dog lover who has laughed with, loved, and cared about a rescued pet! Pictures of these wonderful dogs accompany each story for an added bonus. And part of the book sales go to various rescue groups- how wonderful is that! Be sure to check this out!” –Kellie M. Dillner

$12.95 I 144 Pages I Find a Rescue I Amazon Page & Preview I Meet the Authors & Dogs

Pit Bulls: Villains or Victims? Paperback: Pit Bulls: Villains or Victims?

This forensic study of pit bulls and violence in society by B.G. Boucher, MFS is an educational journey through the history of “dangerous dogs,” breed-specific legislation (BSL),  and pit bull mythology. Through her research, Boucher highlights the fact that BSL causes us to focus on the victim, not the violent people who would cause dogs to act against their nature, thus not creating any real safety in our communities. She also makes a strong case for carefully examining news stories about “vicious pit bulls,” as they are often part of an inescapable loop of misreporting, intentionally or unintentionally, to sell headlines.  Ultimately, Boucher’s research causes any thinking person to reevaluate their opinion of pit bulls and convincingly demonstrates that by focusing our efforts on outlawing this unfairly demonized breed  (or any other breed, for that matter), we are completely missing our opportunity to protect our society from the real villains at the other end of the leash, or sadly, the chain.

Warning: This book contains graphic photographs and descriptions of documented violence against humans and Pit Bulls. Readers may not find the content of this book appropriate for children. The eBook version has significantly fewer graphic images than the paperback version.


“Blair’s work has resulted in what I can only describe as a much needed book. I think the theme, taking a fair and balanced look at what is undoubtedly a very emotive issue, is one that should resonate with those people who are what I would call ‘bull breed agnostics’. They hear bad things through the media, but then they meet people with these dogs or hear glowing testimonials about them through friends and family, leaving them undecided on what the real deal is with what can only be described as the most maligned (and misunderstood) ‘type’ of dog in recent memory.” —Ryan O’Meara: Editor-in-Chief of K9 Magazine; director at K9 Media Ltd; Pet Care Media Ltd; ViVo Media Ltd; and Independent Digital Media Ltd.


 “Pit Bulls: Villains or Victims? Underscoring Actual Causes of Societal Violence provides the general reader with information and insight about the present negative problems facing that nebulas group of dogs referred to as pit bull. They do represent a serious social issue today—this book provides a sound basis for having that social and legal discussion.” —David Favre: Professor, Michigan State University College of Law; Editor-in-Chief, Animal Legal & Historical Web Center (www.animallaw.info)


 “By trade, I am a domestic violence advocate.  Over the past 10 years, my clients have taught me what numerous studies have proven: That people abuse animals for the same reasons they abuse people, including:

·        To demonstrate power and control over the family

·        To enforce submission

·        To perpetuate an environment of fear

·        To isolate the victim and children

Virtually all of my clients who had pets reported that their pets were abused at one time or another as a way of getting to the victim!

In her book Pit Bulls: Villains or Victims? Blair Boucher uses real-life examples to demonstrate that, unfortunately, this is a common phenomenon. Boucher shows the relationship between violence directed at animals and violence directed at people. More importantly, however, she illustrates how this link can be broken. The book is clearly written, well documented, and an important contribution in trying to unravel the dynamics of abuse. The graphic portrayals are not for the faint of heart – but then, abuse is never pretty.” -Beverly Zigmond

 $29.95 I 354 Pages I Paperback or eBook I Preview Book

Note Card Facts:

Buy Pit Bull stationery here.

-Each box contains 8- 5 x 7 flat note cards with envelopes printed on 100# cardstock
-A portion of every sale is donated back to the rescue of your choice
-Back side of each card is the same color as the card border and has a “Did You Know” about the breed

T-shirt Facts:

Buy Pit Bull T-shirts, clothing jewelry, bags, and housewares here.

About this image: This picture of Naula was taken by Ashley Johnson. After running the streets as a stray and getting beat up by nearly every dog she came into contact with, this sweet and timid pittie was captured by the pound and sentenced to death (due to her breed and the scars on her head.)  Luckily, someone saw something in her sad little eyes and reached out to a local pit bull rescuers.  She was saved the day she was scheduled to be euthanized.  Originally, she was to be fostered and rehabilitated.  But as it turns out, dogs sometimes pick their owners instead of the other way around.  Now an official “foster failure” living permanently with her foster mom, Naula is happy, healthy, and loving life with her new pack.

The “Adopted. Who’s next?” shirt series is meant to honor adopted pets and their resilience. Wearing these shirts is a great way to start a conversation with people about rescue and adoption. A significant portion of profits is donated back to animal welfare organizations.