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Happy Tails Books offers self-publishing help for authors. We guarantee that you will save money and love how your book turns out. Choose the following self-publishing services as a package or a la carte:

    • Proofreading: $.015-$.03 per word ($20 minimum)
    • Cover/interior layout and design: $295-$500+ depending on your book’s length and whether you are supplying photos/artwork
    • Printing: As low as $1.50-$4.00 per book depending on length, size, and style
    • eBook creation/submission: $95
    • Amazon listing: $25
    • Book content development and coaching: $60/hour (discounts available) via phone or online

Happy Tails Books started out as a self-publishing operation, so we’re familiar with the challenges you face as an author. Since our inception, we’ve published more than 100 high-quality books and eBooks, which has taught us many lessons about what to do and what to avoid.

We’ll use that knowledge to guide you toward success, just as we have for many other self-published authors.


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Self-Publishing Testimonials:

sammy“Having written a book about the life of a Samoyed dog, I searched online for a publisher and found Happy Tails Books and Kyla Duffy. What followed was amazingly rewarding–real and immediate help from my first tentative query through my plethora of questions, to expert proof reading and advice, finally resulting in the  publication of a very attractive book. I thoroughly recommend Happy Tails Books and Kyla Duffy, who has the patience of Job and more! -Geoff Grounds (Pen Name Nigel Flaxton)


Happy Tails Books provided self-publishing help for Cast off Cocker Spaniels“After looking for a publishing company I could afford, I decided to talk to Happy Tails Books. I had already worked with them as a contributor for one of the Lost Souls: FOUND! compilations. No one else could offer me so many services for the same price.

“I have since published more than nine books and eBooks with Happy Tails Books. The staff is in constant communication with me during the editing process. In addition to offering expert proofreading, they make any revisions I request to enable me to publish books that make me proud.

“Here’s what one reviewer said about my book: ‘First, I’d like to say that it’s refreshing to find a self-published work that has been edited…”

Happy Tails Books has worked with me in the publishing process for all of my books. I would never work with anyone else.” –Becky Corwin-Adams, author of many titles including Cast-off Cocker Spaniels and Tabby Cat Tales


Happy Tails Books provided self-publishing help for Holy Terriers by Richard Lutman“I gave copies of The Holy Terriers to the people who had helped my terriers before I got them and those who helped them in Vermont and S. Carolina. They were all impressed with the design of the book and the way the pictures were presented. It’s a beautifully done book. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the care Happy Tails Books put into it.” – Richard Lutman, author of The Holy Terriers



Lillybelle bookWorking with Happy Tails Books was great! They knew I wasn’t that familiar with the technical aspects of publishing and took care of everything right from the start. They gave me a great price and worked at rocket speed. The did beautiful things for my book, things that I would never have thought of. They are great at editing, layout, and design and are patient and nice, as well as professional. I strongly recommend Happy Tails Books if you want to do your own book. – Jeanne Fiedler, author of Lillybelle, Life With My Pet Cat


Happy Tails Books provided self-publishing help for this children's book“I was an apprehensive novice author about to publish my first book, and then I found Happy Tails Books. I spoke to them and immediately felt confident that, with their help, I could be a successful author.

“Kyla Duffy, Editor-in Chief at Happy Tails Books, provided me with the support and guidance I needed to publish a picture book that has been very well received by both children and adults. Kyla’s staff did a great job editing my manuscript; they clarified my ideas but did not change the spirit of the story. They were also a source for technical advice regarding the images that made the book come alive. The layout was absolutely beautiful, and my books are always printed promptly on demand.

“My experience with Happy Tails Books couldn’t have been better. In fact, I am planning two more books for the upcoming year and would never consider working with anyone other than Happy Tails Books. From editing to technical expertise to layout, fulfillment, and even price, there is no company that could surpass them. Thanks, Happy Tails Books!  I’m looking forward to working with you on many more projects in the future.” -Frances Smith, author of How I Became a Real Dog:  A Picture Book by Phoebe


“When I wanted to publish my first book about my dog, I became frustrated because publishers were expensive and hard to contact. Then I found Happy Tails Books! Kyla, the founder, was very helpful, easy to get in touch with, and had some great advice to share. The price of publishing with Happy Tails Books was the lowest that I had found anywhere. The final product looks great, and I’ve already sold more than I expected! I am now in the process of using them again to publish my second book. Thank you, Happy Tails Books!” –Janelle Condra, author of Torii’s Adventures


Happy Tails Books is the Savvy Writer’s Choice for Self-Publishing Help!

  • Flexible plans: Your project is unique, as are our services. Whether you want a complete package with assistance in everything from writing your book to printing and selling it or you’re just looking for help with a specific part of your process, look to us. We can help!
  • Competitive pricing: Our partnerships with low cost, high quality designers and printers will provide you with great books that don’t break the bank.
  • High quality: In the past, self-publishing has received a bad reputation for poorly-proofed and ill-designed manuscripts. We do not wish to add to this reputation and therefore hold ourselves and our authors to the highest standards of quality and integrity. We proudly invite you to peruse our book previews on our homepage to gauge the quality of our work for yourself.
  • Years of editing, marketing, and journalism experience: Our experience reaches far beyond the books we’ve recently published, and if we can’t help you in-house, we’ve got connections with reputable experts in all book publishing-related fields.
  • Entrepreneurial ideas: As a self-publisher, you are truly an entrepreneur. The founder of Happy Tails Books has extensive entrepreneurial experience and can help you with grass-roots marketing ideas, social media networking, and sales.
  • Personalized service: The key players at Happy Tails Books will be intimately involved in your project. You will never be passed along to other less experienced employees or consultants.
  • Straightforward contracts and pricing: After thoroughly exploring your project with you, we’ll carefully price it and draw up a custom contract that suits your individual needs.

Our rates are competitive, and our services–content editing, proofreading, layout, cover design, ISBNs, and printing–can be purchased as a package or a la carte.

Please contact us to find out more about our rates and how we can assist you in publishing your book.