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Many organizations want to help more animals get adopted, but our approach is unique. Our website features rescue-related consumer items that raise both funds and awareness for our hard-working rescue partners, in an environment that removes any cost or risk to the organization.

Fun Fact: To-date, we’ve raise more than $40,000 for our rescue partners.

Happy Tails Books Rescue Partner Program

What is a Rescue Partner? Our Rescue Partners are enthusiastic, ethical, reputable, non-profit organizations that are proactively seeking new avenues for humane education and rescue fundraising. The relationship we have with our Rescue Partners is one where everyone benefits.

Benefits: Each Rescue Partner gets a link on our website and access to periodic freebies and discounts. We occasionally publish books that feature our Partners’ happy tales, and, at times, we promote our Partners’ events and successes via Facebook and our newsletter, which goes out to more than 5,000 pet lovers. By far, your best rescue fundraising opportunity with us is our unique, month-long “Share and Earn” Rescue Fundraiser.

“Share and Earn” Rescue Fundraiser: This is the simplest fundraiser you’ll ever have, we promise.

Arizona Golden Rescue Fundraiser1) For one month, we post shirts, bags, and/or decals that we make specifically for your organization on our website.

2) You promote these items to your supporters via your website, newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. (We even provide you with suggested text.)

3) Your supporters come to our website and purchase these pre-sale item through us, and then on or before the beginning of the following month, we process and ship all the orders.

4) At the end of the fundraiser, we donate $5 from every shirt or bag purchased and $1.50 from every decal back to your organization. Plus, we’ll give you an additional bonus of $100 for every 40 shirts or bags we sell.

That’s it! This requires no upfront cost or minimum shirt order on your part. We simply ask that you promote the heck out of your sale, so we can give you the greatest donation possible when it is finished.

 We work with many rescues, and spots for this rescue fundraiser are limited! Please fill out the form below to get signed up asap. 

COST: Our rescue partner program is FREE…always! We simply request that you link to our website and periodically remind your members to shop on our site, which benefits both your organization and Happy Tails Books.

HOW YOU GET PAID: For special fundraisers unique to your group, we’ll donate the money we raise for you at the beginning of the month following your fundraiser. For our general rescue fundraising efforts, each time someone makes a purchase on our website and designates your organization at checkout, you’ll earn a donation. The more you urge your members to shop at our website, the more money you will earn. *Please note that if you accrue less than $10 in donations in one year, that money will go back into the donation pool and will be donated to a different organization.

Rescue Partner Program Testimonials

“All in all, a true win-win. When we sent out the request for stories from Happy Tails Books, I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in participating, but clearly I underestimated the storytelling prowess of our adopters! Each published story is touching and well-edited. I am so proud to be a part of this group and so pleased that the stories of DVGRR adopted dogs can be shared with the book’s readers.” -Donna S. Baker, Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue


MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue was excited for the opportunity to partner with Happy Tails Books for a Rhinestone-o-Rama fundraiser. It was easy to promote the fundraiser through our newsletter and Facebook page. Our members love the hand-crafted rhinestone design HTB made specifically for our rescue, and we earned more than $350 in one month without having to spend a dime.” – Jennifer Misfeldt, President, MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue


“Working with Kyla Duffy and Happy Tail Books was a pleasure.  We asked our membership to send in stories, and I believe we sent in enough for a book of our own, but Kyla made her selections and we were well represented.  A simple post on our website with a link to the Happy Tails site, and our members were able to make their purchases online.  The end of year check will sure come in handy for vet expenses!” – Hermine Scolnik, President, Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue


“Bostons by the Bay Rescue very much appreciates the hard work Kyla and her staff at Happy Tails Books put into producing such a wonderful book! The Boston terrier version of “Lost Souls: Found!” has gotten rave reviews from our adopters, foster homes, and others who have purchased the book.  It not only inspires people to consider adoption and fostering but also helps rescues generate much-needed funds.  Happy Tails Books shares a portion of their sales back to the rescues who have helped to create the books and also offers wholesale pricing so rescues can use the books for fundraisers.  It’s a win-win for all!” – Linda, President, Bostons By The Bay

Our FAQ page offers comprehensive answers to common questions posed by rescue group coordinators.


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