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We love making rhinestone shirts, vinyl shirts, bags, and decals. From design to your doorstep, we take great care to ensure you are well-informed about the process and that you receive just what you need to sell at your shop, use for an online fundraiser, or enhance a special event.  Rhinestone shirts can help your business stand out, draw attention to your cause, or simply make an event/reunion more fun! We understand that you need great quality at an affordable price, which is what we strive to provide. Additionally, you can feel good about every purchase from us, as a percentage is always donated back to reputable animal rescue organizations!

Please note that we can make anything, not just pet related items, but no matter what we make for you, a portion of profits goes to help pets in need.

HTB makes custom designs in vinyl and/or rhinestones for any business, club, or event.
HTB makes custom designs in vinyl and/or rhinestones for any business, club, or event.


Help us to help you and animals in need. Please allow us to provide you with a free quote by filling out the form below. We will do our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

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pets with disabilities

Happy Tails Books wholesale pricing is available to our rescue partners, veterinarians, and re-sellers.

Fill in the quantity in the fields below. Then click “Buy Now” at the bottom of the form.

Minimum: 10 books (of any title)

Price: $5.83 unless otherwise noted

 LSF “Best of” Audio Book

LSF Disabilities, Vol. I

LSF Disabilities, Vol. II

LSF Disabilities, Vol. III

LSF All Dogs (Vol. I)

LSF All Dogs (Vol. II)

LSF All Dogs (Vol. III)

LSF Herding-Breed Dogs (ACD,Border Collie,Sheltie,etc.)

LSF Northern-Breed Dogs (Akita,Husky,Samoyed,etc.)

LSF Basset Hound

LSF Beagle

LSF Boston Terrier (Vol. I)

LSF Boston Terrier (Vol. II)

LSF Boxer


LSF Chihuahua

LSF Cocker Spaniel

LSF Dachshund

LSF German Shepherd Dogs

LSF Golden Retriever (Vol. I)

LSF Golden Retriever (Vol. II)

LSF Great Dane

LSF Labrador Retriever


LSF Pit Bull

Dog Blessed (Puppy Mill Survivor Stories)

Hollywood Barks!

Partners With Paws (Assistance Dogs)

Pit Bulls: Villains or Victims? $19.95

Road to Rescue: Rescue Best Practices $19.95

From Rome to Home (children’s)

Here to Bump and Bump to Hear (children’s) $9.95

How I Became a Real Dog (children’s) $9.95

Tales for Kids Who Love Tails (children’s)