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publish dog storiesLet’s honor your wonderful pets by featuring their stories in a book! Share your pet’s (or foster pet’s) story using the form below.

Here’s the scoop:

What is the acceptable length? Less than 1200 words (we mean it!). We reserve the right to edit your story for readability, shorten it, or only use a part of it for an anecdote section. Conversely, there is no story that is too short for the book.

Which animals are eligible? Any animal who has been found, rescued, or adopted in some manner is eligible for most of our books. Stories about animals purchased from breeders, pet shops, or your neighbors are not appropriate for most of our books because the point is to encourage adoption.

What about foster pets? Send us their stories!

What about mixed-breed animals? We can’t wait to read about them!

What if I have more than one story? Send ‘em all in! (Please submit a separate form for each animal.)

Can I send you photos? If your story is selected for a feature, we’ll contact you for a photo. Professional photographers, if you would like to donate the use of photos for our covers, please contact us.

The best stories are emotional. They make the reader laugh and/or cry. They generally begin with a problem (often the animal is in a bad situation), involve some kind of rescue situation, there are some ups and downs including one main crux, and then the story is resolved and everyone lives happily ever after. This is NOT always the pattern, but most stories we publish resemble this pattern to some extent.

A note about editing: We receive many similar stories that say things like “my dog rescued me,” “it was love at first sight,” and “I’m grateful to XYZ rescue for…” If your story contains wording like this, it is likely that we will remove it to avoid repetition. We will do our best to maintain your sentiments in rewording your thoughts, but it would be best for you to do that yourself before submitting the story. Don’t be afraid to be creative in how you tell your story and share your feelings about your pets! Please also note that we usually do not publish dates unless they are imperative to understanding the meaning of the story, so please leave them out. The reason for this is that without dates, the book remains more timeless.

VISIT OUR FAQ’s page for more details about story submission.

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