Recognizing Rescuers: Linda Forrest and SOS Beagles

Every Tuesday we post someone’s kind words about a rescuer who has touched his or her life. Today Billie Moore wrote in to recognize Linda Forrest of SOS Beagle Rescue:
I have adopted four rescue beagles in my life, two have gone to the rainbow bridge at the age of fifteen. These two beagles were rescued from a local laboratory and were scheduled to be euthanized. I was able to adopt and they truly showed me that laboratory dogs can make good pets. A lot of love and patience will do the trick. My other two beagles both came from rescue groups. Brew and SOS Beagles. The first one was thirteen weeks  and the second was nine weeks when I adopted them.

We travel quite a bit these days and a trip would not be planned without them. They are both excellent travelers.  The fact that all my beagles were rescues gives me a great feeling of truly helping out a fur baby that needed a home. I have no regrets that they are rescue and not bought from some fancy breeder.
There are too many unwanted animals in the world with no where to lay their head. I feel rescue is the only way to go if you truly want to lend a hand to help a furry soul.  My dogs are a great compliment to our family and they are loved dearly.

Hats off the Linda Forrest for running SOS Beagles and for all the work she has done now and in the past to organize a great rescue and to match so many beagles with the right family. People like her are hard to find that are willing to work so hard for such a goal. May God bless her and all her beagles that she rescues and finds loving homes for. I can’t think of enough words to  encourage someone to adopt from a rescue or shelter except the rewards are GREAT.