Rescue SPOTlight: NCSR

Today’s Rescue SPOTlight shines on Northern Chesapeake Sheltie Rescue, Inc., an outstanding organization in Maryland and participant in Up For Pups’ Rescue Best Practices Manual.

  • Mission: Our founding philosophy is to assist Shelties regardless of age or condition whenever possible.  We also strive to assist other Sheltie rescue groups whenever possible, in the understanding that if a dog is in need, we are all in this together.
  • Date founded: Nov 1, 1999
  • Types of animals you take in: dogs (Shetland sheepdog)
  • Size of Rescue (Small=less than 50 animals, Mid=51-200 animals, Large=201+ animals): Mid
  • Your name: Linda Isbell
  • Your position in the rescue: President
  • How long you’ve been with the rescue:12 years
  • What you like best about animal rescue: How rewarding it is to rehab these dogs and find them new homes
  • What you think is hardest about animal rescue: worry about foster homes, money, and keeping our heads and hearts above water
  • Share one quick story about a rescue experience: We took in an abuse case, a starved and filthy Sheltie that was taken in an equine abuse case when he was found with the horses in the stables.  The shelter vet suggested euthanasia, but the shelter manager called me and we went and got Buckshot…Buck for short….and literally held him wrapped in blankets for weeks and weeks….he improved daily and now has a wonderful new family in NJ!