BlogPaws/Bissell Contest Winners

Well, folks, we won! Well, not “we” as in me and MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue, per se, but “we” as in the rescue community! Because of this contest, three rescues received upwards of $1,000 to help with the animals in their care, and three bloggers were recognized for their outstanding writing. Congrats to Robin Craft, Kim Clune, and Pamela Douglas Webster.

As for me, sure, I would have liked to win. We just told the rescue we were taking a break from fostering after adopting Hillary, and I thought winning the money for the rescue would have been a great way to give back to them. Additionally, the post I wrote was definitely the best I could do, and I meant every word of it. Nevertheless, I’m happy that the money was provided to some great rescues and that this contest inspired so many bloggers to share their stories about how their adopted animals have inspired them.

This contest was great for rescues and great for the community as a whole. I hope BlogPaws and Bissell decide to do something like this again next year. Thanks for supporting the rescue community, guys!