HappyTailsBooks.com Facelift

My eyes are bloodshot, my wrists are killing me, the butt-dent in my couch has grown significantly deeper, but I’m content as can be because the new website is posted! You probably didn’t know I was building a new website. Uh, well, I didn’t know, either, until this past Tuesday.

It was like one of those break-ups where you just can’t stand the sight of the person you left any longer. In this case, it wasn’t because the old website was bad or did anything wrong (although, I must note that it never bought me flowers), I was just tired of the drab old look. I think the background color got to me most.

Anyway, on Tuesday, I was DONE. I couldn’t look at the old website any longer. Plus, the holidays are coming, and I wanted to be sure shoppers with big hearts who want to take advantage of our great new gifts with the added bonus of our usual donations can find what they are looking for. Here are my favorite features of the new website:

  • Shop by breed, item, or title using the convenient search lists to the right, or just click the shop button above to explore all of our products
  • Submit word documents as attachments when you want to send in a story about your adopted pets – much easier for most authors to use
  • No more spam! This one you surely don’t care about, but I’m thrilled that the new website had an easy-to-configure Capatcha application (the little number/letter box that you see at the bottom of many forms). I like this one especially because it’s easy to read.
  • Clearer navigation with some new page names that should make it easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • Stay up to date and comment more easily with this blog.

I hope these changes enhance your experience on our website. Please shoot me a comment and let me know what you think. I look forward to all feedback/constructive criticism and any notes about broken links if you find any. I know that sounds hokey, as of course, all our links should work great! However, I’m not a web designer. I’m just a chick with a dent in my couch who wants to make it easy for others to help animals in need. Woof! -Kyla