Storytime: The 13 Days that Will Last Our Lifetime

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The 13 Days that Will Last Our Lifetime

We adopted Baron and his sister Abby from Hearts United for Animals when they were six years old. Baron had been an expensive dog – requiring back surgery for Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) at the age of four – and so the pair was surrendered by their owner due to financial hardship. Baron also had a heart problem and contracted a virus the week before we went to get him. He was so sick that he refused to eat and lost four pounds (he was only a 13-pound dog to begin with).

We brought him home and hoped he would recover, but his heart could not take the strain the illness put on it. Two visits to the highly skilled vets at Texas A&M could not reverse or lessen its devastating effects and on the morning of his 13th day with us at 8:14 am, Baron crawled into my arms to give me the first kiss of our association and the last one of his life. He put his head down on my chest, his heart gave a stutter and a thump, and he was gone. He tried so hard to stay with us but passed of a massive heart attack.

Though it had been only 13 days, Baron had a lasting impact on our lives. We believe that Baron knew it was his time and stayed with us just long enough to give Stomper, our other disabled Dachshund, the courage to walk again, and to ensure his sister Abby was safe in a loving home.

Stomper swam very well using his back legs but refused to move them on land. By putting his nose under Stomper’s rear end, Baron was able to lift Stomper up and push him around. To our surprise, Stomper started walking again, which he might not have done if not for Baron. He’s wobbly, but we’ll take it!

With that first and last kiss, Baron demonstrated that he knew he was home, loved, and in our hearts forever. Baron is buried in our front yard with a rose bush that is forever to be known as Baron’s Rose. A beautiful, red rose bloomed a week after Baron’s passing, and the bush continues to bloom throughout the winter, reminding us of the lasting impact Baron’s few days with us had. –Southwind Kane

Recognizing Rescuers: Sharon Smith

Kitty Landauer wrote in to honor Sharon Smith of DARE:

I am the proud owner of 2 awesome Doxie  rescues from the wonderful Sharon Smith. If you are looking for Doxies please contact Sharon through the DARE website. She is great.

I had a wonderful Doxie, Norton for 14 years.  He passed away in October 2009.  I had a really tough time when he passed away.  A year later a friend suggested that it might be time to look for another Doxie.  I was put in touch with Sharon who went out of her way to find the right match for our household. In July 2010 Sharon brought Humphfrey to our house.  He is a four-year-old black & tan boy who is a love.  Sharon would follow up with me to see how everything was going.

A month later I found myself as the practice manager for a wonderful new animal hospital, East-West Animal Hospital in Lutz, Fl.
I organized our open house and asked Sharon to be part of our celebration.  She brought 2 adoreable Doxie’s, Harley & Lucas. Guess where I hung out almost the entire time, with the Doxies.

Two weeks ago our animal hospital participated in Dogtoberfest at The Wiregrass Mall in Wesley Chapel.  We were placed two vendors away from DARE ( Sharon was there as well ).  Again guess where I hung out.  Sharon brought 3 Doxies to the event & one of them was Harley. That was fate because a week later Harley was added to my household.

Because of Sharon’s commitment to DARE she will always be part of my life & our animal hospital.  Both Drs. Odachowski and Register at our animal hospital admire Sharon’s dedication.

I could go on and on but I think you see how I feel about Sharon and DARE.